Gospel Artist William Getumbe Arrested After 7-Day Warning Expires

KFCB arrested Getumbe after he failed to comply with the Films and Stage Play Act, Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya.

Gospel Artist William Getumbe Arrested After 7-Day Warning Expires
Eldoret-based Gospel singer William Getumbe. /PHOTO

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) through its North Rift Regional Office, Eldoret, and with the support of Police from Kapsoya Police Station have arrested and detained Gospel artiste William Getumbe.

In a statement on Tuesday, March 12, KFCB arrested Getumbe after he failed to comply with the Films and Stage Play Act, Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya.

In particular, he failed to stop distributing and exhibiting a gospel song that had been classified as obscene and blasphemous.

The arrest came after a seven-day notice issued to him for violations of the aforementioned law expired.

A man in handcuffs. /NAIROBI NEWS

"Getumbe's arrest comes after the lapse of a seven-day 'Demand Notice' issued to him for violating Sections 4 and 12 of Cap 222 governing the creation, possession, distribution and exhibition of audio-visual content in Kenya, specifically the creation, distribution, and exhibition of the blasphemous 'Yesu Ninyandue' music video, among others," stated KFCB in part.

The artist will be arraigned in Court on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, to face the following charges:

  1. a) Filming without a license which contravenes Part II, Section 4 of Cap 222. b) Distribution and exhibition of unclassified audio-visual content in breach of Part III, Section 12 of the Cap 222.
  2. c) Distribution, public exhibition, and possession of 'obscene' cinematograph films and public exhibition of indecent shows/performances tending to corrupt morals contrary to Section 181 (1) (a) and (e) of the Penal Code.

The KFCB affirmed its strong stance against the creation, distribution, possession, broadcasting, and exhibition of 'indecent' content that goes against the values and morals of Kenyan society.

"As the Government agency mandated to regulate film and broadcast content space within the country, the Board urges all content creators to create content that promotes Kenya's culture, moral values, and National aspirations, while ensuring that children are not exposed to inappropriate content.

"To this effect, the Board is collaborating with relevant platform owners to pull down the targeted content," added KFCB.

To this end, the country's film regulator encouraged members of the public to report to the board any instances of 'indecent' content distributed or exhibited via social media platforms and other broadcast channels for appropriate action to be taken.

Further, the Board appealed to members of the public to desist from circulating inappropriate audio-visual content that the Board has flagged, as doing so will result in legal action.

KFCB on February 29, 2024, ordered Getumbe and another controversial gospel singer, famously known as Chris Embarambamba to pull down their latest songs ‘Niko Uchi’ and ‘Yesu Ninyandue’ from all media platforms.

On March 4, the KFCB management held a meeting with Embarambamba, where they instructed him to delete several of his music videos online, citing indecency. 

"The artist was further put to task over the use of vulgarity, nudity, indecency, and violent dancing styles in his content, specifically in the ‘Niko Uchi’ song, among others," the board directed. 

KFCB management meeting with artist Embarambamba on March 4, 2024, at Uchumi House offices. /KFCB
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