Inside Ruto's New, Powerful Presidential Website [PHOTOS]

It has already been populated with content that includes...

Inside Ruto's New, Powerful Presidential Website [PHOTOS]
A collage of President William Ruto and a screenshot of the new presidential website. /PRESIDENT.GO.KE

President William Ruto has unveiled the official presidential website after three months of shutdown and Kenyans wondering where all the content from the previous regime disappeared to.

From its home page as cross-checked by Viral Tea, the website adopts a format similar to digital news platforms, with the slight exception of a photo of State House as the primary image with Ruto's key quote reading "We remain committed to being in the frontline in sustainable land use and the conservation, protection, management and restoration of forests."

The Presidential Communication Service (PCS) has decided on a yellow, black and green colour scheme with hints of red, just like in the presidential standard and a white background all over.

Screenshot of the new presidential website. /PRESIDENT.GO.KE

Screenshot of the new presidential website. /PRESIDENT.GO.KE

It has already been populated with content that includes news articles on President Ruto's exploits, including highlights of the Jamhuri Day celebrations on Monday, December 12.

By clicking one of the articles, the website features different fonts for the main body of each story and the titles in capital letters.

There is a host of other features featured on the little wheelchair icon located on the right-hand side for Kenyan readers with special needs. They can increase or decrease text, choose between high and negative contrast and change the font of the website to a readable one.

At the top, there are categories starting with the administration which has Offices of the President, Deputy President and Prime Cabinet Secretary as well as Ministries in Kenya and their respective Cabinet Secretaries (CS).

There is a category which is dedicated entirely to First Lady Rachel Ruto, with her profile explained underneath.

In the media section, there are cabinet briefs, videos embedded from the State House YouTube channel and an accreditation platform for journalists interested in covering events at State House.

Also included are speeches and dispatches from Cabinet meetings which can be downloaded for use in media reporting.

There are also links to the official social media handles of State House; that is its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, though, by the time of cross-checking, they were not easily clickable as the website was still under development, with more information set to be added in due course, according to State House.

In terms of loading time, the website takes a second to load and might be faster depending on one's internet connection.

Kenyans are encouraged to visit if not able to access their social media accounts (Facebook: State House Kenya, Twitter: @StateHouseKenya and Instagram:

The State House website, which was heavily relied on by media houses for all of former President Uhuru Kenyatta's press releases, Executive Orders, directives, intervention measures and other government details, was wiped clean by Ruto's team after the handing over of power. It previously had a blue theme to match Uhuru's presidential standard.

Videos, photographs and digital content, details of key State House staff, development projects and an extension of former First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta's work, were done away with. All that information can now be found on the Presidential Library, Museum and Exhibition website.

Screenshot of the new presidential website. /PRESIDENT.GO.KE

Screenshot of the new presidential website. /PRESIDENT.GO.KE