Inside Unique Ksh27 Million Truck Purchased By Nairobi Church [PHOTOS]

The evangelism truck incorporates modern technology and systems built in the truck

Inside Unique Ksh27 Million Truck Purchased By Nairobi Church [PHOTOS]
Modern evangelism truck purchased by CITAM Karen

A church in Karen, Nairobi flexed its financial capabilities by purchasing a modern evangelism truck at a cost of Ksh27 million.

The church is under the Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) which boasts several branches situated across the country. Its branch in Karen tends to attract the elite and wealthy who reside in Karen, which also hosts the official residence of the Deputy President.

The evangelism truck incorporates modern technology and systems built in the truck that brings out its outdoor sound and visual capabilities.

What is special about it is that its inbuilt platform can be flapped up and down with the touch of a button. It also features clear sunlight screens that are visible to the naked eye, even in intense sunlight.

Modern evangelism truck purchased by CITAM Karen. /VIRALTEAKE 

The result is a truck that can convert into a portable podium bringing out a mobile concert experience similar to the put-up outdoor setting.

Bishop Calisto Odede was at the grounds of CITAM church in Karen on Thursday, September 22 with the CITAM Head Office to dedicate the truck.

"It was a joyous event, praising God, for those who graced the occasion to experience it. The demo of the sound system is powerful enough, with clear effect, to reach over 10,000 people on open ground.

"No worries if the evangelism teams go to remote areas without electricity because the truck has a powerful generator that can comfortably run the entire set up," the church further described the truck.

It added that the vehicle will be used in different mission assignments to deliver the Gospel as far as it can go.

The Bishop thanked God for the family that had single-handedly raised the Ksh27 million for the purposes of buying the truck.

"The truck will help in providing answers to many through preaching about Jesus Christ, the deliverer. It will help in the propagation of the gospel to many people who are living in bondage," the Bishop stated.

The CITAM branch of churches is known to raise billions of shillings from proceeds that include tithes and offerings. On Friday, September 23, it reported that it raised Ksh2.53 billion in income for the Financial Year ended December 31, 2021, an increase from Ksh1.96 billion the previous year.

The church had attributed its improvement to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions that led to the re-opening of schools, and businesses and the relaxation of the ban on social gatherings.

Tithes contributed the largest share of the income at Ksh1.57 billion, which accounts for 62.1 per cent of the total income.

The church also raised Ksh12.1 million from fundraising and donations, Ksh6.2 million from rental facilities, Ksh26.5 million from interest on investment and Ksh9.9 million from departmental works. The total income generated from the church’s various projects was Ksh684 million, with outreach ministries raising Ksh220 million.

The Northern Region assemblies brought in the highest tithe income at Ksh915 million. It comprises the CITAM head office (Ksh110.3 million), CITAM Valley Road (Ksh335.3 million), CITAM Woodley (Ksh157.9 million), CITAM Thika Road (Ksh96.9 million), CITAM Clay City (Ksh27.2 million), CITAM Thika Town (Ksh47.8 million), CITAM Parklands (Ksh54.9 million), CITAM Meru (Ksh8.3 million), CITAM Nyeri (Ksh11.2 million), CITAM Kikuyu (Ksh31.8 million) and CITAM Kiambu Road (Ksh33.1 million).

The Northern Region’s high income is followed by the Southern Region (Ksh557 million), Western Region (Ksh120 million) and International churches (Ksh25 million).

Inside CITAM Valley Road church in Nairobi. /CITAM WEBSITE

CITAM Buruburu, which is classified under the Southern Region, brought in Ksh101.3 million, while CITAM Karen raised Ksh124.8 million. CITAM Ngong brought in Ksh67.5 million.

Other branches under the Southern Region are Athi River (Ksh48.2 million), Rongai (Ksh30.8 million), Embakasi (Ksh43.9 million), Kangundo Road (Ksh15.6 million), Kitengela (Ksh35.8 million) and Mombasa (Ksh22.2 million). The Southern Region’s headquarters brought in Ksh67.1 million.

The Western Region comprises CITAM Kisumu (Ksh30.5 million), Eldoret (Ksh22.1 million), Kapsabet (Ksh3.8 million), Nakuru (Ksh34 million), Kisii (Ksh8.1 million), Naivasha (Ksh6.9 million) and the region’s head office (Ksh14.4 million).

The International Assemblies are CITAM USA (Ksh18.5 million), CITAM Romania (Ksh3.7 million) and the assemblies’ head office (Ksh3.1 million).