Kilifi Governor Dares DCI Over Land Matters: 'Let Them Try'

As such, the county boss threatened to demolish any building erected against the law.

Kilifi Governor Dares DCI Over Land Matters: 'Let Them Try'
Officers stand guard at the entrance of DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road. /NATIONAL POLICE SERVICE

Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro dared the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to do their worst to him after he accused its officers of what he claimed was meddling in the county’s land matters.

Speaking on Monday, March 25, Mung'aro claimed that the County DCI officers have been interfering in land matters, adding that they are being used by land grabbers to threaten residents.

He however cautioned the investigative agency that land matters were not within their jurisdiction adding that the county already had laws, regulations and frameworks to solve such problems.

As such, the county boss threatened to demolish any building erected against the law.

Kilifi Governor, Gideon Mung'aro at his office. /GIDEON MUNG'ARO

"I don't want to hear stories about threats from the DCI. We have county laws and bylaws. If you build without a permit, we will break the wall. If you build a storey building, we will demolish it,” said Mungaro.

He added that acquiring permits for buildings was the sole responsibility of the county and any eviction notice or demolition authorisation would have to come from the relevant offices.

The residents claimed that the DCI had been summoning them at random to their offices under the guise of other charges only for them to find land matters as the issue being solved in the offices.

He continued, “This matter is not for the DCI. The DCI has no business with land issues.

"If it's a case of land fraud, let the appropriate authorities investigate and inform us of what fraud has occurred. But it cannot be the DCI issuing eviction notices to people," he affirmed.

Governor Mung'aro swore to take enhanced measures against the DCI if it continued to be involved in land matters.

"I am warning the DCI and making it very clear. Let them try if they don't know me well, there is no more intimidating the citizens.

"Were they elected? They have just been posted here, tomorrow they will be taken somewhere else,” the Kilifi governor added.

However, he expressed his intent to speak to the Kilifi County Commissioner and County Criminal Investigation Officer.

Mung’aro’s warning comes after residents of Mtwapa were issued with summoning letters to appear before the Mtwapa Police Station DCI Office for grilling over land issues.

Residents in the area had faced eviction notices allegedly from business tycoons who claimed to be well-connected with high-ranking officials from the country's top security agencies and senior national government officials.

Entrance to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters along Kiambu Road. /NAIROBI NEWS
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