Pauline Njoroge Makes Comeback As Uhuru Removes Rogue Jubilee Members [LIST]

Njoroge was named the Deputy Organising Secretary of the Jubilee Party through Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni

Pauline Njoroge Makes Comeback As Uhuru Removes Rogue Jubilee Members [LIST]
Side by side image of former President Uhuru Kenyatta and blogger Pauline Njoroge. /VIRALTEAKE

Communication strategist Pauline Njoroge, a blogger synonymous with the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya alliance, returned to the limelight in the Jubilee Party after former President Uhuru Kenyatta handed her a new role in his ruthless purge of rogue party members.

Njoroge was named the Deputy Organising Secretary of the Jubilee Party through Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni, at Ngong Racecourse during the party's National Delegates Convention (NDC).

During his address, Uhuru unleashed his guns on the errant party members whom he accused of being disloyal to the former ruling party.

According to Kenya's fourth president, the rogue members had contravened the party constitution by promoting the agenda of other political parties outside the Azimio la Umoja coalition.

President Uhuru Kenyatta attends Jubilee Party NDC at Ngong Race Course on Monday, May 22, 2023. /JUBILEE PARTY

Among those kicked out by Jubilee included East African Legislative Assembly MP Kanini Kega as well as Nominated Member of Parliament Sabina Chege.

Others included Jimmy Angweny, Former Buuri MP Boniface Kinoti Gatobu, Naomi Shaban, Nelson Dzuya, Joshua Kutuny, Mutava Musyimi, Rachael Nyamaye, Advice Mundalo, Executive Director Wambui Gichuru and Joel Kibe.

The following were proposed by Jubilee Party to replace the ousted members:

  1. Deputy party leader strategy: Beatrice Gambo
  2. Deputy party leader operations: Maoka Maore
  3. Deputy party leader  programs Joseph Manje
  4. Deputy party leader outreach - Kados Muiruri
  5. Chairman- Saitoti Torome (former PS)
  6. Deputy Sec Gen - Yasir Noor
  7. Deputy Organising Secretary - Pauline Njoroge
  8. National Director of Elections - Jamleck Kamau
  9. Women's League National Chairperson - Maison Leshomo
  10. Youth league, National chairperson - Agnes Thumbi
  11. Youth Secretariat Coordinator - Anthony Manyara
  12. Business Council - Nderitu Mureithi
  13. Parliamentary Secretary - Amina Siyad

"All Jubilee members who openly promoted the policies of other parties outside of Azimio coalition be deemed to have ceased from Jubilee and be removed from the Register of members," Kioni stated.

During his address, Uhuru ripped into the errant members and reminded them that they did not represent the will of the majority within the party.

"Those who got the few positions Jubilee had to share are now telling us they will give the party direction. No, their job is to stand firm and defend Jubilee's manifesto or step aside and give us a chance to select replacements," Uhuru stated.

Further, he expressed that he would continue advocating for the best interests of the party, dismissing rumours that he would retire from politics, clarifying that he opted to stay put after some people thought they could intimidate him.

"I thought I should retire from politics but others decided to threaten me. I'm telling them today to look for another person, not Uhuru Kenyatta. If you behave like thugs and we will treat you as such.

"They used to insult me while I stayed silent, They've stolen goats and burnt farms thinking to intimidate me, but the people who gave me this party told me to protect it and I will do so until they select another party leader," he warned. 

Uhuru stressed that he will hold onto Jubilee leadership until the party's members decide otherwise and further cautioned that his silence should not be mistaken for fear.

"Respect is not slavery, it's a two-way street, and to see others keeping quiet does not mean that they are afraid, no get that out of your mind. Take whatever you want and turn into threats that will never work," Uhuru said.

Uhuru Losing Retirement Benefits For Continuing in Politics

The former President does stand the risk of losing his retirement benefits. Section 6 (1) of the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act provides that a retired President shall not hold office in any political party for more than six months after ceasing to hold office as President.

Additionally, Section 6 (2) requires retired presidents to play a consultative and advisory role to the government and the people of Kenya.

Political analyst Herman Manyora on Thursday, April 20 pointed out that it was vital for Uhuru to remain outside the political spotlight so that he can continue to be respected and held in high regard for his service to the country.

"It is important you keep out, you've been there, let the opposition and government fight it out themselves, you keep to the background. The important thing is for a former Head of State to be in the background and not to take an active role in politics from whichever side, not even neutral," Manyora highlighted during an interview with Esther Nyonje on YouTube.

In February 2023, President William Ruto allocated Uhuru Ksh678.57 million for his pension and retirement perks for the current fiscal year which ends in June 2023.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta, left, looks on as his successor, William Ruto, lifts a sword at his inauguration ceremony on September 13, 2022. /FILE

According to the National Treasury, the Ksh678.57 million includes Ksh655.32 million for Uhuru’s office while Ksh23.47 million, equivalent to Ksh1.95 million per month, will be wired as pension to the former President’s bank accounts.

The perks for Uhuru also include Ksh140 million for the purchase of luxury vehicles and other transport-related equipment and Ksh162.49 million to facilitate his trips within Kenya and overseas. Also included will be substantial sums for his aides' salaries, refreshments, car fuel and maintenance, and foreign travel.