Ruto Lectures MPs After 2,000 Kenyans Shunned Jobs Paying Ksh200,000 [VIDEO]

Only 500 had applied for the job opportunities.

Ruto Lectures MPs After 2,000 Kenyans Shunned Jobs Paying Ksh200,000 [VIDEO]
President William Ruto addressing the annual Cabinet retreat in Naivasha on Monday, February 19, 2024. /PCS

President William Ruto on Monday, February 19 embarked on a stern lecture towards Members of Parliament (MP) allied to Kenya Kwanza over their apparent failure to mobilize job applications abroad.

The Head of State was speaking during the opening of a Joint National Executive and Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group consultative meeting in Naivasha where he expressed concerns about 2,000 Kenyans rejecting job opportunities abroad which pay up to Ksh200,000. Only 500 had applied for the opportunities.

Regarding the nursing jobs recently advertised by the Ministry of Labour, Ruto wondered why many Kenyans were yet to consider the opportunities, effectively turning his blame towards MPs for not actively informing their constituents about the available jobs, especially given his vocal support for facilitating overseas employment for Kenyans.

Here is the video:

It was advertised in the press. I have talked about this thing in every meeting. When you sit in those meetings and listen to the president talking about nursing opportunities, are you not asking yourself about them? Aren't you supposed to go look for nurses and tell them about it?

“I see people saying they are not aware but what do you want me to do? How much louder should I talk? As we are talking today, we still need 2,000 nurses and more to come. An intelligent person will leave here and go do what they must do. You have constituents, they will take a lot of offence if they discover that there are a lot of opportunities that have been advertised everywhere and nobody has come for them. It has to be deliberate, somebody has to do their homework,” President Ruto complained.

He called out the contradiction in MPs lobbying for government positions for those who proved to be unsuccessful during elections while turning a blind eye to job opportunities for their constituents.

Ruto's frustration was palpable as he questioned the MPs' awareness and engagement with the job vacancies that had been widely advertised in the media and discussed in his public rallies across the country and highlighted the value of proactive action owing to the significant number of Kenyans still in need of employment and opportunities waiting for them abroad. 

“Any serious leader will listen to what I am saying and do something about it. The only thing I find when I come to counties is people telling me to look for jobs for leaders who were unlucky during the elections, but when it comes to ordinary Kenyans you don't say anything. Yet here are opportunities but….” the head of state said further criticising the legislators for not creating enough awareness about the 2,500 healthcare jobs.

The President underscored his commitment to creating job opportunities for young Kenyans abroad, citing ongoing negotiations with the government of Germany to facilitate 250,000 opportunities for Kenyans.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to address unemployment and ensure that Kenyan professionals have access to international job markets.

Ruto thus urged lawmakers to prioritise disseminating information about these opportunities to their constituents, hinting at the potential political fallout should they fail to act.

“If we were to divide the 2,000 posts remaining amongst us, everyone would have about 4 vacancies to inform Kenyans about.

"You want us to share them out now but let me ask, what kept you from bringing even 20 or 30 candidates before? You say you were not told but whom do you expect to tell you? Do you not read the news? When I am talking, do you think I’m talking hot air? Whenever I am speaking what do you grasp? Do you understand English?” President Ruto questioned.

He challenged the MPs to support the government in achieving its objectives, promising that if they are keen on doing their jobs and aligning with the bottom-up plan, they are likely to have a chance are re-election in 2027.

However, the leaders on their part asked President Ruto to divide the job opportunities per county, a proposal President Ruto dismissed, asking them to inform the people to apply for the jobs through the right channel.

Nurses run as their warm-up before the 4th Zumba dance session for healthcare providers, doctors, midwives and healthcare workers- organised by the Nursing Council of Kenya at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos, Kenya on June 19, 2020. /CGTN AFRICA