Ruto Tells Off Raila Over Kamukunji Public Rally

He however assured that the country will not be shaken by a few individuals...

Ruto Tells Off Raila Over Kamukunji Public Rally
President William Ruto speaking during a church service at Kerugoya Stadium, Kirinyaga County on January 22, 2023. /WILLIAM RUTO

President William Ruto has blasted the Azimio la Umoja coalition and its leader, Raila Odinga, over their plans to host a public rally at the Kamukunji Grounds in Nairobi on Monday, January 23.

Speaking during a church service held at Kerugoya Stadium in Kirinyaga County, Ruto accused the opposition of failing to move on from losing in the August 9 general election and using the public rallies to serve their personal interests.

He however assured that the country will not be shaken by a few individuals who were beaten fair and square in the elections through the will of the people.

"Those who are not happy, those who are against the peace and unity that we see in our nation, that today they want to bring us old stories. I want to promise Kenya that we will not allow our country to be hostage to threats and blackmail by a few people who are looking for their personal interests.

President William Ruto, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru during a church service at Kerugoya Stadium, Kirinyaga County on January 22, 2023. /WILLIAM RUTO

"Do not be afraid, not at all. We will unite Kenya as one...I'll not allow a few people to go to a certain corner to plan on how they will threaten us, they plan public rallies so as to distract us from attending to the promises to Kenyans so that we attend to their needs. They've grown fond of that habit but we are telling them that the end has come. There's no more," he addressed.

While poking more holes at his critics, the Head of State called upon the opposition to appreciate the spoils they got from the rallies and that the country will move on, with or without their help.

"What you got from those threats, should now be enough. Let us now work for the people of Kenya.

We cannot be attending to five or six people day in and day out every year because they want to organise a public rally. Organize how you want but Kenya will move forward," he added.

Ruto reiterated that he will continue spearheading the government's quest to unite the people of Kenya, no matter whom they voted for in the August 9 elections.

"I want to assure the citizens of our great country that this country will never again be hostage to the blackmail of a few people chasing personal and selfish interests at the expense of millions of people in the Republic of Kenya.

"We will unite all our citizens irrespective of how they voted so that we can put to shame those who have the habit of using blackmail and threats to secure their personal and family interests at the expense of the interests of millions of Kenyans in our Republic," he added.

On his part, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, while addressing the congregation, promised to take action on the Azimio politicians behind the rallies.

"Go and look for those who were with you because our president is busy. You have looked for Jeffrey Smith as a whistleblower. What you're doing is what you have done all these years. 

"My duty as the Deputy President is to protect the leadership of President William Ruto. And no one will bother him under my watch," he stated.

Meanwhile, Azimio's principal, Martha Karua, stated that it was time for Kenyans to know the truth about what really happened during the August 9 elections.

"As citizens, we have a right to information, the truth lies in the servers, those doubting the whistleblowers' data should demand servers be laid bare, we have to get to the bottom of this to free Kenya once and for all from electoral deceit.

"IEBC as the duty bearer holds the records on our behalf. The records belong to us and all power is exercised by each and every office on our behalf, wherever you are, whoever you are listen and do what the constitution sanctions, lay bare the servers!" she stated.

The Supreme Court on September 5, 2022, validated President Ruto's victory, but Karua argued that the top court is no longer in consideration.

"The Supreme Court is functus official, it’s work is done. Under discussion is crucial evidence via a whistleblower, which on the face of it is authentic, anybody doubting we have our records to refer to aka servers period," she added.

Former Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Alliance running mate, Martha Karua. /FILE