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Man Kills Self Over Land Tussle With Siblings

23-year-old Joshua Odhiambo Ouma took his own life at a neighbor’s house after his siblings turned down his plans to sell a piece...

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University Girl Jumps Off Seventh Floor Of Building Over...

The building was believed to be the university's Science Complex. The lady was reported to have committed suicide after she clashed...

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Primary School Headteacher Kills Self

Kioko Mutie hanged himself on Monday evening, June 21, 2021, at Yanyonge Primary School.

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UoN Medical Student Kills Self at KNH Parking Lot

She was said to have taken her own life out of depression. Her death has since highlighted the growing concern of depression among...

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I Was Drunk- Magix Enga Dismisses Suicide Scare on Social...

In a statement, Magix Enga declared that he confessed to being suicidal while under the influence of alcohol.

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Artist Magix Enga Scares Fans With Suicidal Post

It was not clear what could have driven the celebrated artist into writing the suicidal note. However, two hours earlier, he was in...

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