Frankie Just Gym It Apologises to Corazon, Maureen Waititu [VIDEO]

He praised her as a special woman in his life and how much of an influence she has been on his two first sons.

Celebrity fitness expert Frankie Kiarie, alias Frankie Just Gym It has apologised to his two baby mamas, content creator Maureen Waititu and socialite Corazon Kwamboka, after exposing their private matters to the public.

Frankie on Monday, July 11 blamed daddy issues between the two women as one of the main causes for the end of their relationship.

He specified by revealing that Kwamboka's father would only show up at her doorstep on very few occasions to ask for something from her, noting that the same conditional love he gave her reflected on her relationship with the fitness guru.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It. /FILE

“On top of that, these are issues embedded in us from childhood traumas. The two women who I have been with didn’t have a father figure. This is something Corazon I have talked about, she has never had a father figure," Frankie noted during an interview with Tanzanian media, his sentiments drawing heated responses from Kwamboka thereafter.

During an interview with YouTuber Lynn Ngugi on Friday, July 15, Frankie issued his apology to the two women one by one, expressing remorse to Waititu that they failed to strike a better understanding of how to manage the end of their relationship.

He praised her as a special woman in his life and how much of an influence she has been on his two first sons.

"Maureen, I'm definitely sorry for putting you through what you went through in terms of trying to cut you off when in that situation I think we could have had a much better bond and understanding of how to deal with that situation. I should have treated you like the mother of my kids rather than just a girlfriend or just someone I was with.

"You're special to me and my kids and you will always be valued," he said.

Turning to Corazon, Frankie admitted to still being in love with her and expressed regret that their relationship did not live up to their expectations. 

However, as compared to the dramatic situation where Waititu allegedly denied him access to his children, he praised Kwamboka for allowing him to see them and enjoy a fruitful co-parenting relationship.

"What can I say to Corazon, I've loved you for a very long time, I still do. It's just unfortunate that things didn't work out the way they were supposed to work out and we went through a lot after the breakup that just kept on spiralling down that I ended up losing myself and not really understanding what the end goal was supposed to be.

"One thing I value so much about you is that you still allow me that access to the kids, you still let me be a father to those beautiful children of ours and you allow me to co-parent with you quite well. You support me with everything that I do and I'll continue supporting you as well," he said.

Frankie then apologised to Kwamboka for using his media tour in Tanzania to unleash private matters of their past relationship to chase clout meant to ruin her reputation.

"For the situation that happened before I fully apologise, that is not something that I should have mentioned but I hope you get better and you feel better and I love you," he said.

His apology comes after Kwamboka blasted him on Wednesday, July 13, terming his actions as disrespectful which hurt her efforts to co-parent their children, on top of the disrespect she received on a daily basis.

Corazon Kwamboka posing for a photo. /INSTAGRAM

“My kids need a sane mother. I have been told I did not have postpartum depression. Because I want not diagnosed. Postpartum every day. Was the statement said by a fellow woman? This is while my baby is less than 2 months. I was diagnosed with Clinical depression, and I begged for help. I was told 'Leta watoto tulee (bring the kids we raise them)’ while you get your mental health right,” she said.

Adding that; “I dusted myself, no one was going to make my kids. I rose like a Phoenix. Finally, I’m doing better. I have healed/healing. I have an amazing man. You decided this is the time to torment me, expose me. for what? What do you achieve?"

While sharing a video of her driving, Kwamboka affirmed that she would not discuss the issue any further as it was merely a waste of her time.