How 'Mchele Babes' Stupefied Taxi Driver, 2 Men Who Picked Them From Nairobi Club

Law enforcement officers urge Kenyans to be vigilant and not leave drinks unattended.

How 'Mchele Babes' Stupefied Taxi Driver, 2 Men Who Picked Them From Nairobi Club
An image of a drink being spiked. /FILE

There has been a resurgence of the infamous 'mchele babes' who target revellers in Nairobi County, mostly men and spike their drinks to rob them at nightclubs.

Also known as 'pishori' babes, these women operate with the phrase 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' as their main weapon to entice their targets to which they strike with stealth, leaving many unconscious and without their valuables.

Advancements in beauty care over the years have seen women look more attractive than ever, with makeup layers making it easy for a man to be lured into their alluring good looks.

At least, this is what happened to three men in Lang'ata who fell victim to the mchele babes on Saturday night, March 30.

A photo of revellers at a night club. /TRAVEL START

Reports that have grabbed the attention of Viral Tea's newsdesk reveal that the saga began when the three men, two of them and a cab driver were said to have picked up the two women from a local entertainment joint in the area, with their make-up looks easily deceiving them.

The five then passed through South B on their way to Nairobi West in search of a short-stay residence where they would make merry and spend the night.

Reports further indicated that the women climbed aboard the vehicle and the group began drinking at that point.

As the driver drove towards South C, the men did not realise that their drinks were being spiked by the women who also targeted the driver's drink.

The driver recounted that he was beginning to feel weak, which led to the ladies asking him to stop at a section in South C.

As the men slept, the women robbed them of all their valuables and fled the scene, leaving the men abandoned until locals from the area began slowly gathering around the car.

The residents had attempted to communicate with the men who struggled to utter words, with some of them heard condemning the act and asking clubgoers to be vigilant.

The driver stated that he saw the two women but he was too weak to call for help or stop them from robbing him and his fellow men. Meanwhile, one of the men was in shock that he fell victim to the con claiming that he and his associates had lost everything.

Viral Tea understands that the two women were presumably middle-aged and had relied on make up to easily lure the trio.

Law enforcement officers urge Kenyans to be vigilant and not leave drinks unattended. Additionally, victims are encouraged to report any such encounter to the police.

The term pishori babe went viral in the wake of rogue women colluding with a wanted gangster Samuel Mugo Muvota who was shot and killed in cold blood along Mirema Drive in Nairobi in May 2022.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) then unmasked some of the alleged female faces behind the dangerous ‘Pishori’ administrators believed to have been spiking drinks of moneyed Nairobi men. 

According to the DCI, the "babes", who are experts in stupefying revellers at popular drinking spots mainly, used to target middle-aged to older men whom they suspect to have fat bank accounts.

The sleuths additionally uncovered how one of them can easily pick out a moneyed man with a healthy bank balance from a crowd of revellers, going by the brands of the drinks one has ordered to how one is dressed.

Officers outside the entrance of DCI headquarters. /FILE