I Don't Want Your Money Or Good Looks- Tanasha Donna

She revealed that she is searching for a man who would best suit her

I Don't Want Your Money Or Good Looks- Tanasha Donna
Kenyan singer, Tanasha Donna. /FILE

Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna has confirmed that she is single and searching and curiously relaxed the conditions that she is looking for in a potential suitor.

Speaking to Entertainment journalist Kalondu Musyimi on Wednesday, July 27, the Gere hitmaker revealed that she is searching for a man who would best suit her, somewhat opening the door for men across the country to try their luck against her.

She added that she has developed a distaste for men with good looks owing to her encounters with such men who possess unpleasant characters.

Tanasha Donna posing for a photo. /INSTAGRAM

As a result, she announced that she was mainly focused on the character aspect of a guy, also throwing away the prerequisite of his current financial status.

"I am single, maybe there is someone who could potentially be the next guy. I have met with a lot of good-looking guys with nasty characters, that's an immediate turn-off.

"I don't care what how much you have, what you have gained but the character is very important, it's the key to everything in life right now," she said.

The songstress further noted that she wants a hardworking man who believes in God and puts Him first before anything, even herself.

However, despite her indicating that she doesn't want a rich man, she affirmed that she wants a man who is hardworking and generating a source of income for himself.

"I would say someone who is hard-working, someone who is a Believer, someone who puts God first, you have to love God more than me.

"You have to be making something for yourself because I'm trying to make something for myself, so if you're not making something for yourself, I'll look at it as if you're lazy or you're not working hard enough. You don't have to be rich but you have to be hardworking," she noted.

She also revealed that her future man should have a purpose and try to fulfil it.

Tanasha then explained that she has become very strict on her social circles, adding that she hangs out with a few people to avoid messy situations that have been commonplace with having a lot of friends in her circle, despite her being a celebrity artist.

"Aside from that, you have to be grounded. You have to have purpose, try to fulfil and find your purpose.

"I'm a very deep person, I don't hang around a lot of people but who I keep around me, they have to want to fulfil their purpose otherwise we get into these toxic situations and we see a lot of that these days," she added.

On the idea of marriage putting people's careers in danger, Tanasha refuted the claims, saying that society's perception of marriage in the present day is far from what she views marriage to be.

"First of all, marriage is not only for both of you, it is for God. When you really think about it, you're saying your vows in front of God and you're swearing that you'll be with each other till death do you part.

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and his ex-girlfriend Tanasha Donna. /FILE

"I believe you can be married and both fulfil your dreams...I believe it depends on the couple," she added.

Tanasha has had a few high-profile relationships, but none was as famous as her relationship with Tanzanian superstar, Diamond Platnumz. They sired a son named Naseeb Junior but parted ways in 2020.

Rumours of her relationship with Nigerian singer Omah Lay hit the interwebs after the two were spotted together in Mombasa. Omah Lay was in Kenya for a concert he was headlining.