More Than 5,000 Followers- How To Be Eligible To Make Money On Facebook, Instagram In Kenya

This decision opens up new avenues for content creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs to leverage the platform for financial gain.

More Than 5,000 Followers- How To Be Eligible To Make Money On Facebook, Instagram In Kenya
Meta apps WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. /FILE

President William Ruto on Monday, March 18 announced that Kenyan digital content creators will be able to earn from their content through Meta-owned social media platforms Facebook and Instagram by June 2024.

The Head of State was speaking at State House, Nairobi when he met a number of content creators with officials from Meta. He revealed that he received a commitment from the officials of the social media platforrm, remarking this a big step for digital content creators.

This decision opens up new avenues for content creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs to leverage the platform for financial gain.

Ruto further underlined that the eligibility criteria for monetization would be made available for members of the public to know.

President William Ruto during a meeting with officials from Facebook's mother company Meta and Kenyan content creators at State House, Nairobi on March 18, 2024. /PCS

"In a few weeks, many of you will be eligible. Eligibility criteria will now be available for all creators in Kenya. That's a big step to make sure that our content creators have an opportunity to monetise their talent to give themselves additional revenue and I'm truly grateful to Facebook for walking with us on this journey."

"I've gotten a commitment that by June, all our creators will now have an opportunity to monetise everything they do in that space, put Ads, and it speaks to our Bottom-up Economic Transformation agenda on making sure that we give everybody a chance," Ruto said.

During the meeting, the Head of State called for Meta to expedite roll-out of the process, terming it a good surprise to many digital creators in the country.

Furthermore, the social platforms will pay Kenyan digital content creators through mobile money platforms to address the lack of convenient payment channels to access their hard-earned money.

"I'm very happy that the monetisation is also going to be on mobile money. I think many people have been wondering how do we do this because not many of our content creators have credit cards or other instruments, but I was very happy to hear that the team from Meta has already carried out experiments and that it works," Ruto said.

"Therefore in the next few weeks and months, it will now be possible for our continent creators to transact using mobile money which is much more easy, accessible and a space where many Kenyans interact freely and much more comfortably."

Facebook and Instagram have a massive user base that actively engages with the platform for social networking, business promotion, and content consumption.

Over the years, Kenyan users have demonstrated a keen interest in leveraging digital platforms for various purposes, making the country an attractive market for tech companies seeking to expand their reach.


Kenya is set to become an eligible country in the next few weeks, meaning that any creator who passes certain criteria will be able to make money from the two platforms.

Institutions, businesses and organisations can also qualify for monetisation, with Meta expressing its desire to arm creators with the best practices on monetization.

"We will be doing some virtual workshops to be able to support you. Transparency is important to us, everything is available on the Facebook website," Creator Partnerships Lead Africa at Meta Moon Baz stated.

To be eligible, one must:

  1. Have more than 5,000 followers
  2. Be more than 18 years old
  3. Have more than 5 active videos on their page
  4. Collect more than 60,000-minute views in the last 60 days
  5. Pass monetisation policies & community standards.

Monetization Products

Speaking at State House, Nairobi, Meta President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg said that President William Ruto had impressed upon the organisation to ensure creators get revenue from the company, away from local product endorsements.

Meta leaders & content creators at State House, Nairobi on March 18, 2024. /PCS

The latest announcement introduces a range of monetization features for Kenyan users. The tools that will be available for Kenyan creattors include:

Instream ads of Facebook & Instagram

Instream ads are image or video ads that appear before, during or after a video. They offer advertisers an effective way to reach their target audience in a non-disruptive manner while users are engaged with the video content.

Baz revealed that the feature set to be made available on Facebook starting latest in the early summer of this year, around June.

Instagram Gifts

Instagram Gifts is a feature that allows you to monetize your Reels content. Viewers can send virtual gifts to creators to show appreciation for your Reels.

Facebook Stars

Facebook Stars is a feature that allows followers to show their appreciation for you as a creator. Viewers can buy Stars and send them to you to appreciate your gaming, live, on-demand, photo or text content.

Receiving Payments

Creators on Facebook and Instagram receive payouts once a month, subject to compliance with all applicable terms and policies. Final payments are calculated at the end of each month and paid out approximately 21 days later, in this case, through mobile money.

Any creator who fits the eligibility criteria will be notified by the app to set up their financial account and start monetising their content.

For instream ads, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, takes 45% and 55% goes to the creator. For Facebook stars, the company takes about 20% of the revenue.