Police Gather CCTV Footage From Paul Gicheru's Home

At that time, his wife, son visiting from the UK, his father-in-law and staff were reported to be present in the house.

Police Gather CCTV Footage From Paul Gicheru's Home
Lawyer Paul Gicheru at the International Criminal Court (ICC). /FILE

Police investigating the death of lawyer Paul Gicheru, a suspect of the International Criminal Court (ICC), have recovered CCTV footage among other pieces of evidence from his gated home in Karen.

An officer aware of the investigations revealed that the footage will assist them in identifying the last steps of the deceased employees and family members who were in the house on the day he died on Monday, September 26.

At that time, his wife, son visiting from the UK, his father-in-law and staff were reported to be present in the house.

DCI detectives at a crime scene. /FILE

Also recovered from Gicheru's Karen home were bedsheets, his office keys and two phones that were taken for forensic analysis to assess what communication pattern Gicheru used before his death.

Detectives also took some of the utensils that the lawyer used on the said day after he was reported to have passed away hours after eating lunch. His family found him with foam forming in his mouth inside his bedroom. 

Reports claimed that the son discovered his father unconscious on his bed, hours after complaining that he was feeling unwell. The son was later believed to have alerted the mother to check on the father, after which medical response teams from a nearby health facility were summoned. 

Gicheru's son collapsed after learning that his father had died, and was rushed to the hospital where he is recuperating, according to sources privy to the matter who revealed to Viral Tea on the night he died.

Meanwhile the late lawyer's mother, Josephine Wambui, revealed that she last spoke to her son on Friday, September 23, the weekend before his demise.

"It's not easy for someone to just drop dead like that when he was not even sick," Wambui stated, adding that she had a lengthy conversation with him who did not at any point complain of any health complications.

Instead, she narrated that her son, who was full of life, checked on the family's progress. Wambui also dragged Gicheru's wife into the mysterious death of her son, demanding to know her side of the story on the matter.

"I spoke to him last Friday and he told me he was doing okay. He then asked me if my other siblings and myself visit our elderly mother and I told him we do. He was very soft-spoken; he only cared about his family," Gicheru's sister, Ruth Njoroge, added.

Gicheru's family friend and lawyer John Khaminwa claimed that the lawyer was a disturbed man. He however did not disclose what was bothering him.

"He was not himself, something bothered him and I think he must have been stressed but I don’t like what I’m reading on social media the son must have collapsed because of the shock when he saw his father dying," Khaminwa said.

Gicheru's body was moved to Lee Funeral Home with the government waiting for the family's approval to conduct a postmortem examination. Detectives had questioned several employees at his home, who were asked to record statements to aid with investigations.

The late Kenyan lawyer Paul Gicheru. /FILE