Ruto Reveals How Ksh13 Billion Funds From China Will Be Used

He noted that 70 of such institutions in the country are ill-equipped

Ruto Reveals How Ksh13 Billion Funds From China Will Be Used
President William Ruto, First Lady Rachel Ruto pose for a photo with Chinese President President Xi Jinping and First lady, Peng Liyuan in Beijing on October 17, 2023. /PCS

President William Ruto revealed on Tuesday, March 26 that Kenya had secured funding of Ksh13 billion from China to help equip Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs).

Speaking during the Centenary Celebrations of TVETs in Kenya at the Nyeri National Polytechnic, the Head of State revealed that the TVETs had played an important role in equipping students with demonstrable skills needed for the job market.

He noted that 70 of such institutions in the country are ill-equipped, thus the funds from China, when utilised, will ensure that they are furnished to become competitive institutions.

President William Ruto (in Kaunda suit) interacting with a student at a Jitume lab in Nandi on January 16, 2024. /PCS

"On my way here this morning, I got the news from our friends in China that they have approved another Ksh13 billion to equip 70 of our TVETs that today don’t have sufficient equipment.

“It is a coincidence that when we are celebrating 100 years we got the news that we have additional equipment to equip our TVETs because if education is the key, TVETs are the master key,” Ruto stated.

He praised Kenyans for changing their views on TVETs which have seen fortunes swing in their favour as students who would be expected to be placed in universities opted for TVETs instead owing to the practical skills they craved.

“I am very proud that today we have changed the perception and branding on TVETs to the extent that last year up to 9,000 students who had been placed to universities, chose not to attend universities but to come to TVETs because it has been proven that TVETs presents an opportunity for practical skills,” Ruto added.

He also praised the efforts of one of the TVET students who disclosed to him how much in millions he earns from working in digital jobs.

"Mike Mathenge has told me how he has made Ksh500,000 working online. I am talking about someone working in Nyeri at a TVET," he noted.

"Every ward in Kenya must have an ICT hub. We will equip them and provide computer apparatus to make sure we utilise the digital expertise from the country to drive our economy."

This comes coincidentally after a report by the Federation of Kenyan Employers (FKE) released in November 2023 revealed that the most demanded skills among employers were Engineering skills offered by TVET institutions.

In particular, the skills offered included computer and software engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and mechanical and production engineering.

President William Ruto speaking during a meeting with heads of parastatals at State House Nairobi on March 26, 2024. /PCS