Why You Should Invest In Nanyuki Right Now

My best friend had moved to Nanyuki a few months back. Now, this was a friend I never had, that person with who you'd be comfortable...

Why You Should Invest In Nanyuki Right Now
A woman swimming at Ngare Ndare in Nanyuki, Laikipia County. /FILE

Nanyuki was once that sleepy town in Laikipia County that would only be fodder for conversation amongst frequent travellers of the country. But that has changed.

Many of my friends have of late seen enough of Nairobi; ranging from the fast-paced life, peer pressure as it is the hub of Kenya's entertainment, expensive living, stubbornness...you could go on for the whole day.

No day goes by every time I walk around the CBD when I don't collide with someone, swerve persuasive hawkers, or even look over my shoulder for any opportunistic fellow who would be after the one thing valuable I have left anyway; my phone.

My best friend had moved to Nanyuki a few months back. Now, this was a friend I never had, that person with who you'd be comfortable sharing banter as well as your personal problems without having to worry about whether he or she would turn them into the next Kenyan trending topic on social media.

A woman browsing on her phone. /CAPITAL GROUP

When I called her to ask her about the sleepy town, she was full of praise. This is what she shared about the town:

Mount Kenya

Imagine waking up every morning to the sights of the peak of the country's highest mountain? It is even better knowing that the mountain is as close to you as a hop, skip and step away.

It's called the Mt Kenya hike where there is nothing but hiking across the terrain. All you have to do is grab a couple of your friends and family and live a magical experience ascending to the top of the country...literally!

You must be thinking about altitude sickness which is a common term for mountaineers climbing to peaks that are the ceiling height of aircraft in flight. Worry not, the area has certified guides who are friendly and qualified enough to cater for you. 

The area charges start at Ksh15,000 for a three-day package, which covers the entrance fee together with the camping fees. 

For those with the thrill of watching wild animals in their natural habitat, you can enjoy the sights and sounds at the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy. The animals there include Rhinos, zebras, antelopes and buffaloes and you can view them for as low as Ksh1,500 for adults (free for children under 12).

Equator Marker

Nanyuki is a popular tourist attraction town because it is 0° 01' North of the Equator. That means its marker is a stone's throw away.

One crosses it when approaching Nanyuki on the A2 from the south. The marker is thus popular with tourists who have themselves photographed there.

Some people are usually at hand to show them the supposed effect of the Coriolis force, which they say makes draining water swirl clockwise or anticlockwise depending on whether one is in the northern or southern hemisphere.

The equator point in Nanyuki, Laikipia County. /FILE

However, one point to note about the Coriolis force is that the effect is detectable only in the laboratory and the "demonstrations" at the Equator are merely engaging diversions.

British Army Training Unit- Kenya (BATUK)

You would call Nanyuki one of the safest towns in the country because it hosts the British Army, whose barracks enable them to conduct infantry exercises in Laikipia and on Kenyan Ministry of Defense land at Archer's Post. It is also the main airbase of the Kenya Air Force (KAF).

But why do the Brits like it here? The United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MoD) has a Defence Cooperation Agreement with the Kenyan Government whereby up to six British infantry battalions (10,000 service personnel) per year may carry out four-week exercises on Kenya Ministry of Defence land at Archer's Post and in Laikipia County.

This is because the hot conditions and rugged terrain, which present an opportunity to improve their skills and tenacity, are unavailable in the UK.

As part of its social responsibility, the British Army helps in civil engineering projects and primary health care assistance to the locals. Britain also offers training opportunities in the UK to the Kenyan military and conducts joint exercises with the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Being one of the most developed countries in the world, Britain also aid in Kenya's struggle against Al Shabaab.

BATUK consists of around 100 permanent staff and a cohort of another 280 temporary personnel. BATUK employs over 500 full-time Kenyans and delivers over 60 projects to support the local community every year.

Luxury Hotels

The Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Ol Pejeta House, and Sweet Waters Serena Camp among others are the big names when it comes to high-end hotels in Kenya, and are found in Nanyuki.

The hotels provide a mix of comfort, relaxation and adventure as well as stylish accommodation to cater for the soft-life generation seeking thrills outside the city. For most of the hotels, the price range is Ksh15,000 per night whereas some such as the Ol Jogi ranch costs Ksh4.5 million per night.

The Big Five

The Ol Pejeta conservancy is among the popular wildlife destinations that offer the safari experience. One of the major attractions in Nanyuki is the rare white and grey rhino.

There are also cheetahs, lions, elephants, giraffes, waterboks as well as Zebras. The conservancy also has an amazing view of the Great Rift Valley.

Ngare Ndare and other day trips

Ngare Ndare in Nanyuki is famous nationwide for a reason, and if you have been to Nanyuki many times without checking it out, have you really visited the town?

Activities such as swimming at the waterfall, rock climbing, canyoning as well as game drives in the forest make the place a premium tourist attraction. You can also view the animals there in their natural habitat.

The charges are Ksh2,000 for regular citizens whereas non-residents pay Ksh4,000. Children between the age of 10 and 15 years pay half of what the adults pay. In addition to that one is required to pay an extra Ksh1,000 which is given to the tour guide.

Farm Ranches

This brings me to my main point about investing in Nanyuki. This is one of the towns in Kenya that has the best farm ranches you will find...well, anywhere!

From a glorious atmosphere to a touch of elegance, the ranches provide the kind of ambience for you to purchase and convert into a holiday home. They also, provide lodging services which provide exemplary accommodation and friendly customer services.

There are also some people I know who purchase land to build retirement homes.

A school at a ranch in Nanyuki. /MARVIN CHEGE.VIRALTEAKE

Back to the phone call. She is a real idea seller, thus I was convinced that investing in Nanyuki would be the best decision I would make ever.

Now comes the part where I need a place to help me invest in Nanyuki, and wow, were they many options. I was walking along Thika Road on a random Saturday when the 'aha' moment arrived.

"Why don't you try a real estate company? I hear land in Nanyuki is being sold like hotcakes. There's a company just not far from here that's being talked about by a lot of people...should be open now," replied a random jogger when I stopped her for directions.

On and on I surged, and when I got to the entrance of Mountain Mall, Thika Road, I saw a banner which had exactly what I was looking for: Nyota Njema Real Estate Limited. I asked security where the officers were located, to which the guard directed with grace.

You wouldn't believe my amazement when I walked into their offices. What I saw were gleeful smiles, a next-generation office and wafts of professionalism across the hierarchy...the many offices I have been to have left a not-so-good dent in my emotions.

While waiting to see the CEO, I did my background checks on the company, as I would do everywhere I go and this is what I found on their website:

"In 2018, Nyota Njema Started as Nyota Njema Homes Ltd, selling and letting out on behalf of other people’s properties. In December of the same year, we changed our name from Nyota Njema Homes limited to Nyota Njema Real Estate to widen our portfolio in the property industry.

"In the month of May 2019, Our C.E.O resigned from employment and focused his energy on the company, that was a bold move that came with its fair share of consequences," read their bio in part.

That last statement was familiar, I had resigned from employment to focus on my own company. Maybe this was my eureka moment...

"He will see you now," said the warm receptionist who interrupted my train of thoughts.

Nyota Njema Real Estate not only provides a plethora of rich land options at affordable prices, but it also lights up your investment world by providing affordable investment opportunities, as its slogan reads 'Lighting up your investment world'.

You can become a landowner in Nanyuki. Call- 0728 694916.

One fruitful discussion with the CEO later, I summoned the nduthi guy and sped off with him into the cold Nairobi weather.

A few days later, I was in Nanyuki, taking in the sights and rich ambience while exploring investment opportunities. Like I said earlier, it was the best decision I ever made.