6 Kenyans Shot Dead In Al Shabaab Terror Attack

The six hailed from Meru while the one injured was a Somali resident of the area. 

6 Kenyans Shot Dead In Al Shabaab Terror Attack
Al Shabaab fighters during a past training. /THE EAST AFRICAN

Six people were on Good Friday, March 29 killed and one injured following a terror attack in the morning hours in Dhobley, Garissa, a border town in Northern Kenya.

The six, who were identified as hawkers were shot dead when militants from the nefarious Al Shabaab terrorist group opened fire at them.

The six hailed from Meru while the one injured was a Somali resident of the area. 

"Terrorism Incident in Dhobley, Garissa, NER Kenya. Al-Shabāab terrorists killed 6 Kenyans on the morning of Good Friday," Counter Terrorism & Security Intelligence (CTNSIS) stated in part on X.

Scene after an explosion occurred at Mandera on March 25, 2024. /CRIME & TERRORISM WATCH KENYA 

"Claims they were spreading Christianity in Muslim lands (thus a sectarian attack). All 6 were hawkers in the busy borderline town."

Also confirming the incident, Liboi Deputy County Commissioner, Ali Manduku revealed that the attack appeared to have been caused by a business rivalry.

Manduku further explained that the group sought to assert its dominance in the border town using violent means.

The deceased hawkers, victims of the attack, are currently being prepared to be transported to Garissa town for further procedures.

Garissa is an area that has been prone to terrorist attacks by militants crossing over from Somalia. On September 13, 2023, a multi-agency security team comprising Kenyan law enforcement personnel conducted a raid on an Al-Shabaab camp in Garissa County and killed four militants.

The officers at the scene of the operation ambushed an unidentified number of Al Shabaab militants while they were manufacturing bombs in the form of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Police reports indicated that the four militants were killed following a gunfight and the materials used to make IEDs seized in the process.

Other towns in the North Eastern region have also witnessed terrorist incursions ever since the country's military intervention in Somalia in 2011.

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) incursion aimed to counter terrorist threats but has, in turn, fueled retaliatory attacks.

On March 25 this year, three people were killed and two injured following an explosion that occurred near a police station in Mandera County.

Among the three killed were two police officers and a woman said to have owned a hotel opposite a hospital in the area.

KDF officers ride on a vehicle during a past operation. /FILE