DPP Haji Corrects NTV Anchor Over Aisha Jumwa Murder Case

The journalist alleged that Jumwa was ordered to stay near State House as a result.

DPP Haji Corrects NTV Anchor Over Aisha Jumwa Murder Case
Collage of DPP Noordin Haji and Public Service CS appointee, Aisha Jumwa. /FILE

The Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution (ODPP) has accused NTV news anchor, James Smart, of misreporting a murder case involving Cabinet Secretary appointee for the position of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action Aisha Jumwa.

Smart on Wednesday, October 26 had stated that Jumwa had failed to show up at the High Court in Mombasa on grounds that she was waiting to be sworn in to President William Ruto's Cabinet on that day, which is since scheduled for Thursday, October 27.

The journalist alleged that Jumwa was ordered to stay near State House as a result.

NTV journalist James Smart at his work desk posted on October 22, 2021. /TWITTER.JAMES SMART

"Aisha Jumwa failed to attend her murder trial today, ODPP instead told the court that she said "her and other nominees had been ordered to stay near State House for a possible swearing in today"," Smart tweeted.

However, the ODPP in its own statement clarified that her legal team, led by lawyer Dunstan Omari, argued that Jumwa was directed to prepare for the swearing-in, in response to why she was attending the court proceedings virtually.

Haji's office further told journalists to uphold facts while reporting their stories, particularly involving court proceedings.

In addition, ODPP warned that it will not hesitate to take action in the event journalists are responsible for misreporting.

"Correction. Dunstan Omari, one of Jumwa's lawyers, while responding to why his client was appearing virtually, said that she had to hang around State House, waiting for her appointment. Court records can confirm this. ODPP would like to encourage factual reporting," the ODPP tweeted.

"The ODPP takes great exception to such reporting from journalists and media houses that continue to misreport and misrepresent facts. We will take action against such reporting. The ODPP is always available for clarification."

The court in Mombasa heard that the Jumwa defence team had not furnished the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) with specific details regarding her bid to settle the matter out of court, as requested by the family of the deceased - Michael Ngumbao Jola.

DPP, through Senior State Counsel Vivian Kambuga, informed High Court judge Anne Ong’injo that the case would only be dropped after reviewing the agreement between Jumwa's side and the deceased family.

"We cannot proceed with the application for withdrawal since the defence team led by lawyer Jared Magolo is yet to provide specific information on the agreement to have the matter settled out of court with the deceased’s family," Kambuga stated.

The new developments compelled High Court judge Ong’injo to adjourn the case. In addition, Jumwa was ordered to surrender her passport on November 30, when the case will be mentioned and to appear in court in person.

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