Emma Too's Reaction After Sakaja Bans Clubs In Nairobi Estates

She noted that the ban signalled a return to the soundness of mind in the capital city...

Emma Too's Reaction After Sakaja Bans Clubs In Nairobi Estates
Former model Emma Too posing for a photo. /NAIROBI NEWS

Former model Emma Too has expressed her unwavering excitement after Nairobi Governor, Johnson Sakaja announced the immediate ban on all nightclubs operating in residential areas.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, November 25, Too noted that the directive was a big relief on her side, though adding that it did not mean that the matter was fully addressed.

She noted that the ban signalled a return to the soundness of mind in the capital city and she was glad given that she had to battle criticism for her complaints about the clubs causing noise pollution.

"The joy I feel right now is unmatched! I won’t gloat because I know it’s not a 100% win, but it’s sanity returning to a town that had become unbearable to live in. For me to have been labelled malicious and vindictive for complaining about noise pollution, this is vindication," she wrote.

Quiver Lounge along Thika Road. /MARVIN CHEGE.VIRALTEAKE

The following day, she disclosed that the fight against noise pollution was far from over after she was sued by, among them, the popular Samaki Samaki Seafood and Jazz in Kileleshwa, Nairobi, co-owned by Citizen TV anchor, Trevor Ombija.

"For me this war on noise isn’t over, last week I got served from TO, Vanice & Samaki Samaki suing me after my lawyer wrote to them to issue an apology.

"Their case against me sights malice and ill intent against them and refuse to apologize to me. I will fight & win this too," she added.

"I never woke up one day and said I want to destroy someone, No! I just never slept because of the noise pollution, I was slowly going mad in my home, and I’m not the same person I used to be, I honestly feel vindicated now. I never doubted it for a second, but my heart feels lighter:"

Ombija had suggested that landlords soundproof their homes to safeguard them from the effects of noise pollution, which ignited a protracted battle with Too over the restaurant.

The tiff between Too and Ombija began on Wednesday, October 12 when she accused him in a series of tweets of refusing to address the noise pollution issue. She included screenshots of a detailed communication between her and the owner stretching back to July 2022.

According to the messages, the owner claimed that the joint was still within the accepted limits of a mixed commercial and residential area and that she was trying to mitigate the sound using technology such as bass absorbers, designed to damp low-frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency (LF) room response by reducing LF resonances in rooms.

They are commonly used in recording studios, mastering rooms, home theatres and other rooms built to provide a critical listening environment. 

The owner added that she was still willing to soundproof Too's house on condition that the former model gets a permit from the Nairobi County government as well as a signed document from her landlord allowing the alterations on the house.

“The biggest mistake is to lie! Biggest mistake. Yet, I thought the real owner was a decent woman, I was badly mistaken, she just sat there and listened as he lied. Soundproof my bedroom only and the other residents,” Too said in her Twitter post.

She went a step further and shared videos of her struggling to sleep due to the reverberating noise from the loud music playing from the entertainment joint next to her house.

Collage of former model Emma Too and Citizen TV anchor, Trevor Ombija. /VIRALTEAKE