I Broke Up With Sean Preezy A Month Before Announcement- Cindy K

Kipsang revealed that they had split the month before Preezy announced it on his Instagram handles...

I Broke Up With Sean Preezy A Month Before Announcement- Cindy K
A collage of Sean Preezy and Cindy Kipsang. /INSTAGRAM

TikTok content creator Cindy Kipsang, better known as Cindy K, has broken her silence on parting ways with NRG Radio presenter Sean Preezy, more than one month after it happened.

Speaking during an interview on Thursday, January 19, Kipsang revealed that they had split the month before Preezy announced it on his Instagram handles, adding that she had recovered from it once members of the public got wind of the breakup.

While adding that Preezy was the one who chose to exit the relationship, she insisted that there was no bad blood between them and that the former couple had been friends.

"We broke up like a month before it was announced, so you know people are asking me how is the breakup, it was a month so I had already dealt with it, at that time I was doing okay.

Cindy Kipsang during a past photoshoot. /INSTAGRAM.CINDYK003

"It was a mutual feeling and I think that the only thing that people took from that interview was that because I wasn't over my previous relationship which was not true," she said, a sentiment Preezy insisted led to their breakup.

Kipsang however refuted that allegation, making reference to a December 2022 interview with NRG Radio whereby Preezy revealed that the reason they broke up was that they were rushing things too much in the relationship and that he felt like he needed to give her time to heal from her past relationship.

"Yes, he said that and I actually called him to ask him why he would say that and he said he didn't mean to say that just it kinda came out and it's on the radio and you know once you put something out on the radio or maybe he felt like that you never know," she added, though insisting that she was over Preezy at the time of the breakup announcement.

Additionally, Kipsang added that she and Preezy neither fought nor disagreed during the relationship and that they were first of all friends, thus they always understood each other.

When asked whether Preezy was a better man to her than his colleague, Shaq The Yungin, Kipsang responded with "Yes".

She denied dating Preezy to make Shaq feel bad, stating that they were not friends before she got into the picture, hence she grabbed headlines when she ended up dating one of them.

Kipsang further promised to keep her personal businesses off the internet as she felt this kills her relationships, saying "I never expected people would be in my business like that, I never expected it. I didn't think people would care enough to comment on it."

Preezy parted ways with Kipsang, who previously dated fellow NRG Radio presenter Shaq The Yungin, and they broke up on grounds of infidelity. In April, he had accused his colleague of being toxic, a matter which ended their friendship. 

He went on to profess his love for Kipsang stating that he "fell" for her and she just happened to be an ex to someone associated closely with.

"When you lose all respect for someone you once called your friend, there isn't any room for negotiation. I lost respect for that person I used to be close with because of his decisions, actions and toxicity," Sean stated at the time.

In February, Shaq took to social media in a series of posts indicating that he and Kipsang had broken up, a matter in which he said he was hurt. To add salt to the injury, Shaq exposed that Kipsang had gotten together with his best friend.

“You messed up my whole life Cindy. My mother and my whole grandmother are thinking I have lost it but for what. God bless you but whatever you have done to mean thanks bro. I wish I knew I was less of a bro to you. I have nothing but love but thank you.

“I honestly can’t believe all this but I will accept it all. God bless you, guys. I’m done and I never meant to end like this. posting back to normal now sorry if I’m the one that hurt you Cindy, but was never meant to end like this. Posting back to normal now, sorry for the drama, but I had your back Cindy," he posted.

Shaq went on to apologize to Kipsang for any wrongdoing that might have forced her to end their relationship.

Preezy has since moved to Uganda as NRG Radio opened a new studio in Kampala on Wednesday, January 18.

Collage of Cindy Kipsang with Shaq the Yungin and Sean Preezy. /FILE