Is Hezena Lemaletian Single? She Responds [VIDEO]

Since exploding into the limelight on December 10, 2021, during her public address at...

Is Hezena Lemaletian Single? She Responds [VIDEO]
Nominated Senator, Hezena Lemaletian. /FACEBOOK.HEZENA LEMALETIAN

For a personality as good-looking and hard-hitting as nominated Senator, Hezena Lemaletian to draw such huge attention amongst Kenyan men, the million-shilling question is arguably her relationship status.

Since exploding into the limelight on December 10, 2021, during her public address at the Azimio La Umoja National Convention held at Kasarani Stadium, she has won over thousands of men countrywide, among others which have been instrumental in her rise from the Queen of the North to the Senate seat.

On Monday, January 30, she finally broke her silence on the contentious matter, but the response seemed to have confused many given that they did not get the direct answer they were hoping for.

Hezena Lemaletian during an interview with NTV on January 30, 2023. /FACEBOOK.HEZENA LEMALETIAN

"There are so many men on social media who are asking whether or not this beautiful woman is married..." NTV Swahili anchor Frederick Muitiriri put her on the spot.

Hezena giggled cheekily at the nature of the question which could be seen by many as an icebreaker given the seriousness of the interview that happened prior.

While Muitiriri commented on how men were willing to slide in her Direct Messages (DMs), the senator responded "Just keep throwing those pickup lines. The good thing is it won't be me reading my inbox...the password is out there somewhere."

Psychologists believe that the reason women offer witty responses to being asked about their relationship status is that in their mind they might be weighing their options on whether or not the man who is flirting with them is a suitable candidate.

At times, the "I have a boyfriend" response is a tactic women use to drive away men they don't want to date, whether it is true or not.

Whether a woman is single and wants to be, fresh out of a breakup, or on the lookout for her next partner, it's never fun when a friend or relative swoops in out of nowhere and asks personal questions about her love life. It always seems to happen when she least expects it, too, like in the middle of a great conversation at dinner or via text on a random night. 

"It can be quite frustrating when people ask if you’re 'still single' because the language and way in which it is often asked can communicate that you are 'missing' something or that there is something wrong with being single," Sheva Assar, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, told Bustle, an entertainment website.

The senator's powerful introduction at the Azimio Kasarani convention, coupled with bold sentiments and ravishing beauty turned her into an overnight sensation.

Lemaletian was born and bred in Samburu County and attended Milimani Primary School in Maralal. She later enrolled at St. Theresa Girls High School where she excelled in her secondary school education and was admitted to the University of Nairobi (UoN).

The outspoken Samburu lady is the reigning Miss Commonwealth Kenya and became the first from the North to win the crown.

She is also the Global Peace Ambassador, A Goodwill, Culture, and Charity Ambassador for the Commonwealth and the Rift Valley Peace Champion being the founder of Pastoralists Sports Initiative which economically empowers the youth through sports and culture to create peace and cohesion.

Lemaletian had in 2022 dropped her ambitions for the Samburu County Woman Representative seat during the August 9 General Elections following extensive consultations with Azimio la Umoja coalition presidential candidate, Raila Odinga and elders from her community.

However, she would bounce back by being nominated to the Senate by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to represent the youth alongside Fikirini Katoi Kahindi, who was picked as the male representative.

Here's the video: