Last Speech By Charles Ouda To Friends, Colleagues Before Death

Ouda was cheerful and confident, and his voice resonated with the warmth and sincerity that had endeared him to many.

Last Speech By Charles Ouda To Friends, Colleagues Before Death
Photo of the late Charles Ouda. /FILE

Before his untimely death on Saturday, February 3, Kenyan acclaimed actor, scriptwriter, and director Charles Ouda shared his last moments with friends and colleagues in a manner that showcased his love for life in general as well as his craft.

This was captured in a video seen by Viral Tea where the late Ouda attended a wrap party for the television show Salem on the night of February 3, a gathering that would mark his final engagement before his passing.

The party, filled with the camaraderie of cast and crew, was a celebration of their collective efforts and achievements. One of the actors shared a video capturing him giving a speech to his colleagues, a speech that unbeknownst to them and his fans, would be his last.

Ouda was cheerful and confident, and his voice resonated with the warmth and sincerity that had endeared him to many. He spoke of the challenges and triumphs they faced together, highlighting the unbreakable bond forged through their shared passion for storytelling.

Black and white photo of the late Charles Ouda. /MKAMZEE MWATELA

“Some of us survived a year some of us survived 2, some of us survived more, but as we survived, I would ask us to remember one thing – we survived, we are here," he said.

He continued by underscoring the importance of perseverance, creativity, and unity in the face of adversity.

"The inches we fought for, the loves we lived, the everything. I would ask that we love each other as we move forward. I ask that we understand that it is no longer their industry it is ours,” he said.

News of his passing sent shockwaves throughout the whole country, given that he was known for his contributions to various film projects like Makutano Junction, The First Grader and Count It Out.

Jackie Matubia, known for playing Ouda's on-screen lover in the Salem show, took to Instagram to express her profound grief, sharing memories of happier times spent with Charles, with a series of videos from the previous day showing just how happy they were in each other's company.

In her posts, Matubia conveyed her disbelief and sorrow at Charles’s sudden departure. She reminisced about his vibrant spirit and zest for life, unable to come to terms with the fact that he was gone.

“My heart is broken, Someone wake me up, with a candle,” Jackie wrote.

With a heavy heart, Jackie expressed her longing for Charles’s presence, yearning to wake up from this painful nightmare. Each post was a reminder of the depth of her loss and the void left by Charles’s absence.

“Just yesterday you were so full of life Charlie. I didn’t think I would be recapping this day like this. It’s so painful. I just want to sleep and wake up and find you have sent me 20 reels and call me J,” she wrote.

Arts and Heritage Principal Secretary (PS) Ummi Bashir also joined Kenyans in mourning the loss of an icon in the Kenyan film and TV industry. Others included singer Avril Nyambura, actress Sarah Hassan and Bryan Kabugi, famous for the Kenyan Netflix TV series Volume.

In the wake of his passing, Ouda's family and fiancée, former BBC journalist Ciru Muriuki, have requested privacy as they navigate this difficult time as further details regarding his death and arrangements for commemorating his life are expected to be announced in the coming days.

This is as reports claimed that Ouda died by suicide and he was also battling problems associated with alcoholism. Viral Tea could not independently verify this.

The late Charles Ouda with his fiancee Ciru Muriuki during a past photoshoot. /INSTAGRAM.CIRU MURIUKI