NHIF, Arimis, Samsung: 100 Most Loved Brands By Kenyan Women In 2024 [LIST]

The fourth edition of the Top 100 Most Loved Brands by Women in Kenya was released jointly by Brand Strategy Management (BSD) Group in collaboration with IPSOS Kenya.

NHIF, Arimis, Samsung: 100 Most Loved Brands By Kenyan Women In 2024 [LIST]
Collage of NHIF building in Nairobi and Arimis milking jelly. /VIRAL TEA KE

Even as President William Ruto is set to bring to an end the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in place of the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), the fund is still highly preferred amongst Kenyan women, according to a report released on Tuesday, March 19.

The fourth edition of the Top 100 Most Loved Brands by Women in Kenya was released jointly by Brand Strategy Management (BSD) Group in collaboration with IPSOS Kenya.

The Top 100 MLB by Women Study is the first of its kind to be done in the country and the continent with a focus on insights that inform, empower and enrich understanding of women's markets to unlock growth for businesses and brands.

The top three brands were mostly dominated by financial channels and institutions with mobile money platform M-PESA emerging top ahead of its parent company, Safaricom. Equity Bank came third.

Ranking of the top 10 most-loved brands by Kenyan women in 2024. /VIRAL TEA KE

Brands that followed in the top 10 included Samsung, Ajab, Naivas, Airtel, KCB Bank, Menengai and Apple respectively, indicating a shift in consumer choice and brand preference when compared to 2023’s ranking.

Insights drawn from the study elaborate on how the Kenyan woman drives consumer purchase decisions within her household as the primary shopper.

The study also details key reasons why the Top 100 brands made it to the 4th edition based on data collected and how women's markets contribute to the financial and reputational performance of brands and organisations.

The Study also highlights the reasons behind women’s purchase decisions and therefore points out the need for the utilisation of data-driven business methods and strategies.

The most pressing issue affecting women is the high cost of living which influences daily purchase decision-making.

“The Study provides critical insights and much-needed value to leadership and management in strengthening product and service delivery to a key demographic that has been repeatedly proven to be extremely bankable.

"As we navigate a very volatile market environment, those who invest in this data will be able to access insights that provide a strengthened competitive advantage, reputational equity and opportunity for innovations and disruption,” Eva Muraya, Founder and CEO of BSD Group, said during a ceremony held at a hotel in Nairobi.

IPSOS Kenya Managing Director, Chris Githaiga pointed out that the study sought to bridge the knowledge and insights gap in understanding the female consumer market.

“This is a huge opportunity for most brands that actively seek to engage women as an opportunity for growth since women play a critical role in our economy. They truly control multiple market segments through their influence and purchasing power," he stated.

According to Githaiga, 69 per cent of women play a key role in the purchase of products or services used in their households and on average, 59 per cent of their income goes to household purchases.

"Additionally, the percentage of female-headed households is increasing and can no longer be ignored.

"Our recent studies show that close to 50% of households in Kenya have a woman as the head. Therefore, empowering women impacts the overall economic growth and value creation,” he added.

  1. MPESA
  2. Safaricom
  3. Equity
  4. Samsung
  5. Ajab
  6. Naivas
  7. Airtel
  8. KCB
  9. Menengai
  10. Apple
  11. Kabras
  12. Mumias Sugar
  13. Tecno
  14. Taifa Flour
  15. Softcare
  16. Mount Kenya Milk
  17. NHIF
  18. Delamere
  19. Dola
  20. Mshwari
  21. Raha Premium
  22. Delmonte
  23. Ndovu
  24. Kenpoly
  25. Nivea
  26. Coca-Cola
  27. Arimis
  28. Vitron
  29. Mitumba
  30. Nice and lovely
  31. One Acre Fund
  32. Yetu Sacco
  33. Copia
  34. Mwea Pishori
  35. Oppo
  36. Fresh Fry
  37. Inapkoi dispensary
  38. Cadbury
  39. Jamaa
  40. K gas
  41. Ndume
  42. Sprite
  43. Fanta
  44. Sunrice
  45. Kenyatta Hospital
  46. Family bank
  47. Lato
  48. Elianto
  49. Hisense
  50. Sunlight
  51. Total
  52. Sun King
  53. Valon
  54. Ramtons
  55. Tuzo
  56. Nokia
  57. Chipsy
  58. Vaseline
  59. Umoja
  60. Stima Sacco
  61. The star
  62. Toss
  63. Jade collection
  64. Exe
  65. Infinix
  66. Bata
  67. Quickmart
  68. Harrier
  69. Omo
  70. Rina
  71. Nike
  72. Broadway
  73. Kericho gold
  74. Afya
  75. Superloaf
  76. Mara Rice
  77. Netflix
  78. Kagwe Tea
  79. Kasuku
  80. Cheramei Dispensary
  81. Asis
  82. Hodari flour
  83. Kilifi District Hospital
  84. Kakamega General Hospital
  85. Lido
  86. Nuvita
  87. Pembe
  88. Makadara hospital
  89. D.Light
  90. Umi flour
  91. Predator energy drink
  92. Afya Flour
  93. Masaba Hospital
  94. Ketepa
  95. House of Manji
  96. Moi's bridged district hospital
  97. Golden Fry
  98. Marvel sanitary products
  99. Lifebuoy
  100. HP

Women in conversation during the Top 100 Brands Loved by Women event on March 19, 2024. /TOP 100 MOST LOVED BRANDS BY WOMEN