NTV Dethrones Citizen TV In Infotrak Poll

Overall, however, Citizen TV maintained its dominance as the most-watched TV station in Kenya

NTV Dethrones Citizen TV In Infotrak Poll
Collage of NTV and Citizen TV studios. /VIRAL TEA KE

Nation Media Group (NMG) TV station, NTV has been ranked the most popular TV station in Kenya based on awareness, a new report by Infotrak revealed.

The report which stemmed from a survey conducted by the research and consulting firm indicated that NTV topped at 65 per cent in spontaneous awareness, ahead of KTN under Standard Group Limited which followed at 61 per cent.

Closing the top three positions was state-owned broadcaster, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) at a distant 37 per cent.

KBC offices in Nairobi. /FILE

K24 TV under Mediamax Limited came in fourth place with 30 per cent in TV station awareness followed by Cape Media Limited's TV47 at 25 per cent.

KTN's sister TV station, KTN News followed with 20 percent. Royal Media Services (RMS) TV stations Citizen TV and Inooro TV are tied at 15 per cent.

Other ranked stations in descending order include Kiss TV, shut down by Radio Africa Group in 2023, Ramogi TV, Ebru TV, Switch TV (now Switch Media), Gikuyu TV, Kass TV, Mzalendo TV, Pwani TV, Family TV, Shifu TV, MBCI, Sasa TV, Mutongoi TV and QTV.

Overall however, Citizen TV maintained its dominance as the most-watched TV station in Kenya at 90 per cent, followed by NTV at 61 per cent, KTN at 52 per cent and TV47 at 32 per cent, tying with KBC.

K24 TV followed at 22 per cent, KTN News at 18 per cent, Inooro TV at 17 per cent, Ramogi TV at 8 per cent and Kiss TV at 6 per cent.

Infotrak further stated that Nairobi recorded the highest TV viewership in the country standing at 91 per cent followed by Coast and North Eastern with 87 per cent.


In terms of Radio, Radio Citizen emerged as the most popular radio station in the country in the category of top-of-mind awareness at 16 per cent, followed by Radio Jambo at 15 per cent.

Classic 105 came in third with a rating of 10 per cent with Cape Media's radio station, Radio 47 following at 9 per cent, ahead of Radio Maisha and Kameme FM.

Inooro FM, Milele FM, Ramogi FM, Musyi FM, Kass FM, Chamgei FM, Mulembe FM, Capital FM, Kiss 100, Egesa FM, Vuuka FM and Bahari FM followed in that respective order.

Other ranked radio stations included KBC English Service, Ghetto Radio, Radio Maa, Sulwe FM, Radio Taifa, Muuga FM, Gukena FM, and others which took four per cent in terms of top-of-mind awareness.

A collage of a radio microphone and Radio 47's logo. /VIRAL TEA KE