Scare After Stevo Simple Boy Collapses During Live Citizen TV Show [VIDEO]

Stevo appeared to be slouching forward and clutching onto his knees before falling flat on his back.

Scare After Stevo Simple Boy Collapses During Live Citizen TV Show [VIDEO]
Collage of Stevo Simple Boy collapsing during a live Citizen TV show on March 15, 2024. /FILE.CITIZEN TV

Kenyan musician Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy on Friday, March 15 collapsed on stage minutes after his performance on Citizen TV's 10 over 10 show, a moment that caught fans in attendance by surprise.

The artiste had just performed two of his tracks; Freshi Barida and Vichuna, bringing the energy and good vibes onto the stage as he danced alongside the attendees.

However, during his interview with media personality Azeezah Hashim, Stevo appeared to be slouching forward and clutching onto his knees before falling flat on his back.

This was a moment that led to pin-drop silence from the audience which tried to digest the shocking turn of events, with Azeezah, in a shaking voice, signalling a commercial break so that the musician could be attended to.


The incident spread like wildfire on social media come the midnight hours of Saturday, March 16, with Kenyan netizens expressing concern for Stevo's well-being.

One of them was Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ezekiel Mutua who in July 2023 met Stevo who made headlines over reports of being in financial difficulties.

"I pray that all is well with my friend Stevo Simple Boy. Was watching the 10over10 Show on Citizen TV where he was being interviewed and saw he suddenly collapsed. Hope all is well. Wishing you a quick recovery my guy," he posted on X.

Others questioned why there wasn't a medical team stationed nearby in case of any emergencies, which would have helped promptly address the situation.

In real-time, Azeezah alongside her co-host Guda Man confirmed that the artiste was being attended to.

“We just want you to know that he is feeling well and we will get him on call…he is coming back and if he returns, we will get him on call," updated the show host who appreciated Kenyans for showing concern and care for one of the biggest musical talents in the country.

As promised, Stevo offered an update on his health through a phone call and confirmed that he was doing well and that all would be well, with Azeezah promising to bring him back for another feature on the show.

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