TikToker Mimicking Gachagua Appeals For Financial Help

He further shared the fee structure while expressing worry that he risks having his university studies cut short.

TikToker Mimicking Gachagua Appeals For Financial Help
A collage of KK Mwenyewe mimicking Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. /FILE

Popular TikTok comedian Waithira Zakana Kariuki alias KK Mwenyewe, famous for mimicking Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, has appealed for financial help to clear his school fees arrears.

In a post on his Facebook page on Thursday, October 27, the content creator appealed to Kenyans to help him settle a debt of Ksh10,900 owed to Kisii University.

He further shared the fee structure while expressing worry that he risks having his university studies cut short. He is currently in his third year, studying for a Bachelor Of Science In Applied Computer Science.

A collage of KK Mwenyewe during a radio interview. /FILE

KK was given up until Sunday, October 30 to settle the fee arrears fully or he risks deferring his education. He further noted that his parents have struggled to afford the balance, thus appealing to his followers for help.

"Despite being a content creator and comedian I am also a student at Kisii University in my third year and right now, I’m facing fee challenges, and we’ve been pushed to the corner by the school administration.

“We either pay 100 per cent of the fees by October 30, or we differ. In my case, my parents have nowhere to get this money, and I hereby ask any person of goodwill to help me contribute Ksh 10,900 so I can complete the fee to avoid deferment of my studies," he pleaded.

His plight drew the attention of Kenyans who appealed to the Deputy President to come to his aid. His skills mimicking DP Gachagua turned him into a national celebrity overnight, from his dressing to his public speaking skills.

Appearing on Dr Ofweneke Tv aired on TV47 on Wednesday, September 21, KK amazed the audience by imitating DP Rigathi's reaction to winning the August 9 general elections.

The hilarious skit also featured the DP's wife Dorcas Rigathi whom Gachagua referred to as his pillar of strength.

As though that was not enough, he donned an oversized, poorly buttoned coat, and crooked tie to resemble Gachagua's dress code prior to the swearing-in ceremony at Kasarani Stadium.

He also seemed to have stuffed garments under his shirt to mimick Gachagua's potbelly, which earned him recognition from across the divide, including Azimio La Umoja Coalition running mate Martha Karua.

He had featured a female comedian impersonating Karua in a skit that resembled the heated debate on how Kenya Kwanza overcame Azimio in the race to State House.

KK Mwenyewe's mimicking skills have earned him over 140,200 followers on TikTok. Despite revealing that his skills are yet to be noticed by DP Gachagua, the 'Riggy G' mastermind, Ivy Chelimo, disclosed that there were plans of incorporating him in an undisclosed role.

Ivy Chelimo and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Monday, October 17, 2022. /TWITTER