Watch Igathe, Sifuna Chase Bahati From Azimio Rally (VIDEO)

The two leaders could be seen gobsmacked as the speaker continued to rally the coalition's supporters to...

Gospel musician cum politician Kevin Bahati Kioko ran into more trouble during his quest for the Mathare parliamentary seat after a section of Azimo La Umoja affiliated politicians embarrassed him in public.

This is according to a video that went viral on social media on Monday, July 4 and seen by Viral Tea.

In the video, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Polycarp Igathe could be seen warning Bahati to get out of the limelight.

Singer Bahati addressing the media on June 28, 2022. /YOUTUBE

The two leaders could be seen gobsmacked as the speaker continued to rally the coalition's supporters to vote for flagbearer Raila Odinga in the upcoming August 9 elections.

Having enough of the Size Yangu hitmaker, the leaders from the Nairobi Azimio faction began harassing him to the point of ordering him out of the makeshift dais mounted on their car, gesturing with their hands.

After exiting the structure, Bahati could be seen roughed up by a group of men before his security detail dressed in reflective jackets printed with the singer's logo intervened.

The development comes after Bahati was embroiled in a war of words against Sifuna, which culminated in a mudslinging fest when the latter's wife, rapper Diana Marua, was involved.

This was after Sifuna announced that Azimio had chosen incumbent Mathare MP Anthony Oluoch to defend his seat in the upcoming elections under their ticket.

"Zoning was done perfectly even here in Mathare we have agreed that it's an ODM zone. We only have one candidate in Mathare and that is Oluoch, this young man called Bahati is my younger brother and we will talk. I will make sure that we find him another position within the Azimio government," he said.

Bahati then responded by affirming that he will not step down from the race in favour of anyone. Not having enough, Sifuna shared a video clip on Twitter of the Jubilee party leadership confirming that Bahati was no longer in the race.

“Thank you so much to the Jubilee Party Nairobi for resolving the Mathare question for us. We now have a candidate. Let the crying boy know that I shall take his apology from Diana personally," he wrote.

Bahati fired back at Sifuna with a charged response while claiming that he was paid by his opponent to scuttle his bid as the next Mathare MP.

Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua. /INSTAGRAM