Are You A Kenyan Comedian? Nick Cannon Wants You For Wild 'n' Out Show

The list also includes East African countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Are You A Kenyan Comedian? Nick Cannon Wants You For Wild 'n' Out Show
US celebrity Nick Cannon. /NEWSWEEK

United States (US) celebrity and former America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon announced on Monday, May 13 that he was embarking on recruiting new talent from Africa for his Wild 'n' Out show.

In a statement, Cannon revealed that he was aiming to bring the hugely popular show to the African continent and was seeking talent from countries that include Kenya for the show's 21st season which airs on VH1, a broadcaster based in the USA.

The list also includes East African countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Promo poster for the Wild 'n' Out show. /VIP NATION

"Africa, are you ready?! We bringing Wildnout to the Motherland!! I’m looking for the funniest & most talented people on the Continent! Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Somalia, Capetown and Johannesburg!

"What Country has the best comedians? We are about to find out! Tag them, comment & Repost! We casting now!!!" Cannon rallied.

Wild 'n' Out About

Cannon is the brains behind the Wild 'n' Out show which is an American sketch comedy and battle rap improv game show television series. It debuted on July 28, 2005, on MTV.

Similar in premise to shows such as Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the series puts two teams of comedians against each other in a series of Wild 'n Out games which are all basically "improvisational" comedy games.

It has been on air for 19 years, with its 20th season airing in 2023. Cannon leads one of the two teams with a celebrity guest commandeering the other.

After three such games, the two teams square off against each other in the final round of the game called 'WildStyle', in which they must deliver a punchline directed at their opponent's team member(s) within a freestyle rap.

The comedians "beef" with each other; however, some are impersonal jokes. Although similar to Whose Line, the "points don't matter", the teams score one point per round victory during the normal rounds, plus one point per favourably judged punchline during 'Wild Style', which makes it similar in format to the improv show ComedySportz.

Each episode also includes a musical performance, occasionally by the guest captain for the celebrity squad (Nick Cannon performed with Migos in Season 6 in the episode featuring Chanel Iman).

At times, the musical guest comes out just before 'Wild Style' as the judge for the beef. Starting with season 2, the teams now compete for a "Wild 'N Out" Championship belt (Million Dollar Chain in Seasons 16 and 17) if the celebrity squad wins, the team captain gets to take home the belt but if Cannon's team win he gets to keep the belt (chain).

Nick Cannon Profile

Cannon's journey in sketch comedy and on TV kicked off when he was 18 years old and grew in the industry earning his first million dollars in a film in 2003, as per Forbes, which estimates that Cannon makes Ksh13 billion ($100 million) every year.

He later started his own show titled, The Nick Cannon Show before finding the Wild 'n' Out program, all of which is run by his production company, Ncredible.

Today, the 43-year-old show host has diversified his portfolio to include hosting jobs.

US celebrity Nick Cannon. /US WEEKLY