Cera Imani: Khalif Kairo's Girlfriend Who Is A Manager With Elegant Taste In Fashion

Kairo revealed in an X post that during the first phase of their courtship, Waithera had refused to meet him for four months.

Cera Imani: Khalif Kairo's Girlfriend Who Is A Manager With Elegant Taste In Fashion
Graphic of content creator Waithera (Cera) Imani. /CERA IMANI.VIRAL TEA KE

Waithera Imani, popularly known as Cera Imani, is a content creator with interests in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle sectors with an academic background in procurement and logistics management.

Recently, she gained nationwide fame on social media platforms, particularly X, owing to her romantic relationship with Khalif Kairo, born Joseph Kairo Wambui, who is the founder of Kai & Karo Motors and currently leads as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The buzz began when Kairo introduced Waithera as his girlfriend, prompting netizens to dig hard into her past and constantly expose her past party life as documented on her social media platforms before dating Kairo.

On Saturday, April 27, Kairo revealed in an X post that during the first phase of their courtship, Waithera had refused to meet him for four months.

Waithera Imani with popular car entrepreneur Khalif Kairo during a past occasion. /KHALIF KAIRO

"Simply because based on the stuff she had seen about me on Twitter, she knew I was a playboy. She hated those.

"I also had my own reservations about her given the reputation of most Kenyan 10s. But when we went on a first date, talked for 6 hours straight, saw how kind she was, pure heart, gorgeous and “normal” (not some perfect goddess). I knew this woman would be the mother of my children," he stated.

Viral Tea takes a look beyond the public profile of Waithera Imani, including her pursuits and personal background:

Waithera (Cera) Imani Profile

Early Life, Career & Big Break

She grew up in Nakuru City and had a fun childhood. Given that she was the firstborn, she was a little spoilt, with her mother taking her to the best schools and ensuring she had everything ranging from toys to snacks.

Even though she is prominent and passionate about content creation, especially on Instagram and TikTok, she leads a dual life as a corporate professional and works currently as a marketing manager at Gates Insurance.

In a previous interview with Nation in January this year, Waithera opened up on her milestone in 2023 where she got her big break in content creation.

"My highlight of 2023 was the breakthrough I got in my content creation journey, especially landing a partnership with Naivas and featuring in their advertisements. I count that, and collaborating with influencers that I’ve admired for the longest time in the industry as my biggest wins last year," she revealed.

She is banking on 2024 being her year of more success and given that she is also a prayerful woman, "I believe once you cast your prayers to God, you need not worry."

Content Creation & Personality

Waithera also offered an insight into content creators leading dual lives by maintaining a positive image on social media as they have to keep the tough details and events they encounter under wraps.

She also demystified the rumour that women with huge social media followings possess unfriendly characteristics as well as leading lives different from the likeable woman.

"What you see on social media is not real. Some people make life look easier and rosier but it is false. I believe in taking a stand and having a sense of direction. It helps you stop feeling like others are doing better than you.

"Do I get judged based on my social media feeds? Well, some people end up thinking I’m mean or unfriendly, or that I am an only child who can’t cook or clean, yet I am very friendly, and hands-on at home," she added.

Travel & Fashion

Other than her professional pursuits, what also makes Waithera stand out is her passion for travel and fashion and through her social media presence, she showcases a diverse array of outfits, ranging from elegant dresses to chic jumpsuits, paired with stylish accessories, and has landed marketing deals with different brands as a result.

Waithera Imani posing for a photo on March 4, 2024. /INSTAGRAM.CERA IMANI

Her flair for fashion exemplifies her status as a trendsetter and fashionista within the digital sphere, something she would like people to remember her for as the epitome of classic fashion.

She also finds joy in discovering new getaway locations and exploring the world—a self-professed 'vacation girlie.' Recently, she was in India.

Relationship Life & Ideal Partner

In January, she did state that she was not in a relationship, stressing that he was single and dismissing the perception that beautiful women such as her are taken. However, she did go through a breakup and picked a key lesson from her last one.

"I learnt that everyone’s love language is different, so try loving your partner in their love language, not yours, and be kinder and listen more," she added.

In terms of her ideal man, Waithera disclosed that the first thing she looks at any time a man courts her is his smile, specifying, "I love me a good smile – a nice dental formula and cute lips. He also needs to dress well as that speaks a lot about him as a person."


Waithera is also popularly known for rocking a huge tattoo on her left thigh, which she explained that it is merely art and has no meaning.

She has also been to a kibandaski, the informal version of a low-budget eatery, her last visit coming in November 2022 where she enjoyed a plate of pilau, kachumbari and beef stew.

"My most painful moment was when I lost my grandpa. He raised me," she also revealed.

Social Media

Viral Tea has established that Waithera has a presence on Instagram, X and TikTok. Follow them below:

Instagram: cera_imani

X: Waithera_Imani

TikTok: imani_waithera