Diana Marua Clarifies 2 Years Later Why She Confessed To Dating Multiple Men

She expressed her surprise on seeing a video that highlighted her flings with men in her 20s going viral on Twitter...

Diana Marua Clarifies 2 Years Later Why She Confessed To Dating Multiple Men
Rapper Diana Marua (Diana B). /INSTAGRAM

YouTuber-turned-rapper, Diana Marua Bahati (Diana B) broke her silence on Thursday, November 17 regarding her past relationships before she met her husband, musician and politician Kevin Bahati Kioko.

In a detailed statement on her social media platforms, the Nakulombotov hitmaker noted that she felt the urge to speak up for the women and girls that look up for her.

She expressed her surprise on seeing a video that highlighted her flings with men in her 20s going viral on Twitter, more than two years since she shared it on her YouTube channel.

Bahati and Diana Marua. /INSTAGRAM

"Dear Girl Child. I thought I should write something to speak to many Women and girls who follow me and look upto me. Girls that have dreams but don't know where to start but despite hardships they still know what they want to become in Life. 

"I was just scrolling and checking to see what's popping on social media and I was surprised I am top trending on Twitter because of a video I posted years ago as I Dedicated to God a Mercedes Benz gift I had received from my Husband. It's still funny that some KOTs are watching this today (anyway Glory to God it means Team Diana subscribers and Numbers are Growing)," she wrote in part.

She clarified that the reason she chose to open up on her past is so that she could inspire women of her generation and strongly believed that true role models tell both sides of the story

"Matthew 5:14 is one of my favourite Scriptures and it reminds that "a City on a hill cannot be hidden" The video link is still on YouTube; Watch and share with fellow women and girls with dreams of starting up their own Families some day, women who desire to accomplish their God- Given purpose. Let them know that's very possible,"she added.

Marua further elaborated that she filmed her confession despite the criticism and media coverage about her that would follow as a result as a testimony that whatever a woman wishes for can come true.

She further urged young women not to give up on their dreams amidst criticism from society.

"It pains me everytime I see our young women lose hope and bury their dreams as the society makes it look so impossible but if that was Diana 10 years ago and today I'm a proud mother of five, a wife and currently among the most Followed content creators in Africa," she concluded.

The video which was shared by Twitter user Ja Loka on Wednesday, November 16 saw the musician taking a trip down memory lane to her confession that she had previously dated men for money to fund her luxurious lifestyle.

According to her, among her string of past relationships involved a man who settled her rent, another who took care of her household shopping, another to purchase the clothes she wanted and another to take her to dates.

“Let me tell you something, in my early 20s, money for me was never a problem and I see people on social media talking about me dating Bahati for his money and all that. Guys I don’t want to brag but let me tell you, even when Bahati met me and we used to hang out, I used to come in different cars. When we meet today I had this car, the next time we met again I had another car and one day he asked me, ‘Where do you get all these cars?’ At that time we had not known each other that much.

“He knew I didn’t have a job but I lived the life. I used to wear nice clothes and all that. When I went shopping I bought so much the fridge door couldn’t close, that was my life,” said Diana at the time.

It did not stop there. At one point in the confession, she admitted to being a side chick to a married man who took care of her needs despite being unable to leave his wife to be with her.

Diana and Bahati welcome their third child. /STANDARD DIGITAL