How New Look Uhuru Park Will Look Like- Badi

Badi noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta will launch the park on Saturday, August 6, officially.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director General, Mohamed Badi has given an insight into the new features of the revamped Uhuru Park in Nairobi.

Speaking to Spice FM on Thursday, August 4, Badi disclosed that the new park is developed with old materials such as old buses and aircraft to bring a vintage touch to the park for Kenyans.

The park also comes with a large aircraft that has been converted into a restaurant.

NMS Director-General, Mohamed Badi. /THE STAR

NMS has also erected ice cream parlours for children visiting the park, which are made from old buses, among other vintage materials to spice up the look and feel.

Badi noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta will launch the park on Saturday, August 6, officially.

"It has taken us time because we went for benchmarking in places such as Addis Ababa because they have good recreational parks. We are now modifying what we saw to suit Kenya's taste.

"Within Uhuru Park, we will have high-end, middle income and low-income restaurants," he disclosed.

The NMS boss also revealed that the park will be under 24-hour surveillance once it is open to the public. 

In addition, political rallies at the park will be barred when it opens to the public, with the park set aside specifically for entertainment.

An NMS master plan further noted that Uhuru Park will feature a modern garden with waterfronts and the green spaces will be accompanied by a plant nursery, skating park, nature trail, outdoor library, jogging and cycling tracks, maintenance yard, offices and shearer garden.

Despite President Uhuru officially commissioning the park, Kenyans visiting it may not get the full experience as Badi noted that the renovation works will go on for the next two months

"We are around 80 per cent complete so it will take us another month or two to completely finish it and open it to the public. But the President will open it this weekend," he said.

The park will sit right next to the Green Park Terminus once it opens. The NMS director general disclosed that the park's renovation, alongside Central Park, was motivated by the need to address the mental health issues facing Kenyans in the city.

The impressive works on renovating Michuki Park led to a huge demand from stakeholders to revamp the two major parks in the city.

An aerial view of renovation works at Uhuru Park. /DANITO KINYANJUI