Metro Guy: Story Of Kenyan TikToker Amazing Fans At World Cup [VIDEO]

Meet Abubakr Abbass, the 23-year-old TikToker who goes by...

Metro Guy: Story Of Kenyan TikToker Amazing Fans At World Cup [VIDEO]
Metro Guy carrying out his duties in Qatar. /TIKTOK

A 23-year-old TikToker from Kenya has become a viral sensation during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, wowing both football fans in the Middle East country and online.

Meet Abubakr Abbass, who goes by the username "fifametroguy" and has suddenly tasked himself with directing scores of World Cup fans in attendance to a metro station.

So famous are his antics that the Internet has taken to call him 'Metro Man' or 'Metro Guy' as one of the videos sees him seated on a tennis umpire chair with his foam finger directing fans to the station with the assistance of a megaphone, repeatedly saying "Metro".

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Donning a reflector jacket, Abbass directs fans visiting the historic market, called Souq Waqif, to the station nearby. The video has since been shared across social media platforms, racking up millions of views in total.

One fan sought to know which country he comes from, to which he responds with Kenya, evidenced by a Google search result of Kenya, which shows the Kenyan flag and describes its location in East Africa.

In a short interview uploaded to his account, Abbass noted that he came up with the idea of directing the millions of fans visiting Qatar for the World Cup in an interesting way.

“The fans were just passing by and I thought of a way that I could engage them, and have fun with them.

“Saying ‘metro this way...metro this way’ over and over was tiresome and boring. That is why I wanted to make it interesting,” he said.

The response has been outstanding to the point that every time he says "Metro", fans gathered around respond with "This way". One fan dressed in a Chelsea FC jersey told Al Jazeera that he noticed him on TikTok and his actions have brought a smile to his face.

“I love you guys. Keep sharing, keep posting and keep commenting. And another thing, I have only one account, so whoever is impersonating me, please report that account and unfollow it,” Abbass announced.

Abbass is from Changamwe Sub-County, Magongo. He was sponsored by Mombasa Woman Representative Zamzam Mohammed and other youths during the advertisement for FIFA World Cup jobs.

His meteoric rise has seen him being gifted several goodies from among them, TikTok, over his efforts in bringing fun to what would be termed as an ordinary job.

As though that was not enough, Abbass got a once-in-a-lifetime experience gracing the pitchside of the Al Bayt stadium on Friday, November 25 during the halftime period of England vs USA, which ended up with both sides drawing 0-0.

Abbass is now the most famous person in Qatar, with his visa to the Gulf country extended for two years.

According to Twitter user Fauz Khalid, he will also be paid Ksh134,530 per month (US$1,100) salary as a brand ambassador for Metro.

He will also meet Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir (monarch and Head of State) of Qatar in the near future.

Watch a video of him at Al Bayt Stadium: