They Are Real- Shes Kemunto On Explosive Confessions Of Kenyans Infecting Each Other With HIV/AIDS

Kemunto went viral recently thanks to her chain of confessions she posted, coming from women in her Direct Messages (DMs) admitting to going to extremes with their significant other

They Are Real- Shes Kemunto On Explosive Confessions Of Kenyans Infecting Each Other With HIV/AIDS
City Girl' Diana Kemunto. /INSTAGRAM.SHES_KEMUNTO

The saying that Nairobi is one big bedroom, akin even to a single room, holds lots of water, so much that there exists a song by Bensoul mainly describing the escapades of Nairobi residents in the courtship, dating, relationship and marriage universe.

However, the famous 'yule anakupea, pia ananipea (if he or she gives it to you, he or she gives it to me)' might have not revealed the real picture of Nairobi relationships until Diana Kemunto, a businesswoman and social media influencer, happened.

Kemunto, who operates famously on Instagram under the username shes_kemunto, went viral recently thanks to her chain of confessions she posted, coming from women in her Direct Messages (DMs) admitting to going to extremes with their significant other, including infecting unsuspecting men with HIV/AIDS.

It is worth noting that before posting the screenshots, Kemunto placed a disclaimer, noting that some of the stories she read in her DMs were traumatising. 

Screengrab of one of the confessions posted by Kemunto. /YOUTUBE

It's not just the women, some men have come out of their closet with their own dark experiences with one of them telling her "Dee, I have a target let me talk personally. So far so good. We have reached 31. I want to get to 50 then I can leave this life. I do not care as long as they don't want a cond** I don't force." 

"Me and my two friends were infected, and we have given it out to several people, and we always have fun while doing so. We do not see the big deal in it. People should take their meds, and life moves on," a woman revealed in Kemunto's confessions.

However, amidst the buzz, Kemunto felt compelled to address the controversy surrounding her platform and the authenticity of the confessions she shared.

In an interview with newly-recurited Kenya Online Media presenter Eve Nyaga, Kemunto disclosed that so dark were the confessions that they took a toll on her mental health, suffering from both internal and emotional turmoil as well as insults hulled at her by netizens who didn't understand her posts.

"Have you ever been tormented, I'm in that cage, I feel tormented, it's like I'm having demons. I'm facing this, I'm fighting that. Keyboard warriors are also saying things without reading the stories saying 'Meet Kemunto, the lady who has slept with over 50 men and spread HIV/AIDS' but that is not the story.

"The people who were there when these anonymous stories began, can tell that these are confessions from people and I was reposting the confessions, they are not my confessions. People should try to understand, not be misinformed. People are inboxing me calling me names, this doesn't hurt me but it hurts my loved ones. If you're not sure, ask. It's affecting me, I'm also human," she disclosed.

Kemunto reflected on her journey to fame, which began in 2022 when she initially gained attention for advising young women on hustling tactics.

As a self-proclaimed 'city girl,' Kemunto embraced the transactional nature of relationships, offering advice on navigating the urban landscape to achieve personal goals, until her recent expansion to sharing confessions which turned her into an online celebrity across all social media platforms in one night.

Amid accusations that Kemunto may be exploiting these confessions for personal gain, she denied any involvement in fabricating the stories or spreading a virus, asserting that the confessions were as they are, unfiltered and coming from anonymous individuals preferring to either mask their identities through alter usernames or use pseudonymous accounts to maintain privacy.

"I have a brain. If I were to do those stories on my own then I would have started the first time I trended for city girls. The stories are not fake, the confessions are very real.

"I can't hire 10,000 people to write stories or open 10,000 accounts to fake stories. I have about 1039 that I have not posted. And I am scared of what might happen if I do. You have seen the impact that the whole issue has had so far," she said.

Kemunto further noted that she was motivated to post the confessions by a friend of hers whose story pushed her to expose the side of relationships and the courtship game that very few in Nairobi would dare speak of in the open. 

"I have a friend who lives positively. Her story pushed me to give people this platform to confess the things they are going through. the confessions have been there for like six months. She told me to go tell other people what was happening," she said.

While Kemunto admits that the weight of these confessions often overwhelms her, she persists in her efforts to assist where possible, cautioning her followers that the worst was yet to come.

"I have not even posted the worst confessions yet. Sometimes it's very heavy on my side. It's weighing me down because sometimes I want to focus on other things but when I see someone's story I feel motivated to help this person. Mentally I'm not okay. I'm not even focusing on important things in my life.

"When I get these confessions on my timeline, I repost them for awareness. For the ones who use pseudo-accounts and inbox me with real accounts, I always take my time to advise them," she said.

Diana Kemunto taking a mirror selfie. /INSTAGRAM.SHES_KEMUNTO

Kemunto, who previously admitted to 'helping' Nairobi girls get into transactional relationships with wealthy men advised youths to use protection or abstain from sexual immorality, advocating for caution and responsibility in sexual encounters.

Describing the character of 'City Girls', she revealed that they prefer the thrill that comes with the wild nightlife in Nairobi and getting the bag by all means. This could include partying, drinking, travelling and sugar daddies or 'wababa' as they call it.

Kemunto said she is one of the girls who coined the lifestyle and advises women into this 'soft life' to learn how to use it to build a worthwhile future for themselves.