Craziest Dating, Relationship Stories We Have Covered On Viral Tea

From hacking into the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) and blacklisting your ex to running away with a woman's handbag, these stories at times send Kenyans reeling with laughter and others wondering 'What on Earth just happened?'

Craziest Dating, Relationship Stories We Have Covered On Viral Tea
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Typically, the game of love is a crazy affair with stories of couples going to lengths to either win over each other or get rid of each other...whichever raises the most eyeballs these days.

As Kenyans celebrate Valentine's Day with all their gifts and methods of affection, culminating in the bedroom by the time you get to read this, Viral Tea takes a trip down memory lane to the stories of love that have sparked conversations. 

From hacking into the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) and blacklisting your ex to running away with a woman's handbag, these stories at times send Kenyans reeling with laughter and others wondering 'What on Earth just happened?'

Viral Tea has picked some of the wildest stories of love and relationships we have covered over the past couple of years and came up with this:

28-Year-Old Man Hacks Into CRB, Blacklists Four Ex-Girlfriends

In August 2022, a 28-year-old man was arrested after allegedly hacking into a CRB portal and including four women on its infamous 'blacklist'.

Reports indicated that the women he had added to the CRB portal system happened to be four women he previously dated. Photos seen by Viral Tea showed him in handcuffs.

A person using a mobile phone app. /KENYAN WALLSTREET

One of the women who spoke on condition of anonymity lamented that she was unable to access funds from various credit financiers because of the man, identified as Nick.

Many times she was turned down because of a negative listing that barred her from taking any loans, thus she blasted him for committing one of the country's most daring manoeuvres.

"It's so unfair what Nick did. I have been applying for loans from financial institutions and used to get turned down because of what he did.

"He is so evil let him rot in jail," she said as quoted by a local blog.

Top Cop Opens Fire After Fleeing With Woman's Handbag On Date Night 

A senior police officer based in Teso, Busia County caused a stir in Busia town after he fired in the air two times, following an altercation over a woman early on December 28, 2022.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the altercation started earlier at around 11 pm when the officer had walked into Didis pub in the company of a beautiful woman only identified as Daisy, to unwind after a long day’s work. 

"The cop ordered for drinks and the two imbibed the frothy waters while conversing in low tones, as Daisy giggled occasionally to their private chats while leaning on the cop’s shoulder, leaving him beaming with excitement.

"All went well in the pub located at the border town with Uganda, as other revellers danced with their partners to slow rhumba tunes that set the mood for a happy ending, to crown the Christmas festivities," the DCI stated in part. 

However, at around 2:30 am, the woman spotted a man she knew sitting at an adjacent table and joined him for a brief chat. This angered the senior cop who paid for his drinks only and left in a huff, leaving the woman to her own devices.

Efforts by the woman to go after the top commander and explain that things were not as he thought fell on deaf ears, as the officer entered his car and took off towards Amerkwai, leaving with the woman’s handbag. 

The woman accompanied by the bar manager went after the cop using a motorbike while demanding for the handbag and blocked his vehicle at Amerkwai, along the Busia-Malaba road. 

Immediately, the officer took out his firearm, a Jericho pistol loaded with 15 rounds of 9mm calibre, and fired two rounds in the air, sending the duo scampering for dear life and attracting the attention of police officers from Adungosi police station who rushed to the scene. 

Man Chases Girlfriend From House, Starts Airbnb Business With Her Partner

A man kicked out his girlfriend from his house in January 2023 and resorted to starting a business partnership with another man who had been having an affair with her at his expense.

The man, Daniel Oketch, said while giving his review of Jacob Ailet's book Unplugged, that he had taken a loan to furnish the house to suit the standards of the woman he was dating, who was also his workmate.

He happened to stumble upon the other man in the house who was also footing the rental costs of the residence, and who had discovered that Oketch was the one who furnished the house.

However, instead of fighting each other on believing that he had been seeing his girlfriend, Oketch and the man teamed up to kick the woman out of 'their' house.

"I took a loan to furnish a house for a female workmate I was dating. One day I found a man in the house kumbe he was the one paying rent, he also realized I was the one who had furnished the house.

Couples arguing with each other. /FILE

"We didn't fight, instead we resolved to kick the lady out of “our” house with her few belongings," Oketch wrote on Sunday, January 8, 2023.

The two later decided to convert the residence into an Airbnb bringing in profits, thus beginning a business partnership with a stranger whose fight between them might have had serious consequences.

The income generated from the Airbnb soon allowed them to acquire more properties for the same purpose, with Oketch revealing plans to convert a bedsitter apartment into Airbnbs.

Capital FM Boss Charged With Threatening To Kill Ex-Lover

Farida Idris Mohamed, a Commercial Director for Capital Group, which owns Capital FM, was on April 18, 2023, charged with threatening to kill her former boyfriend and ex-business partner.

Idris was arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts with seven charges of threatening to kill Hussein Aila Amaro contrary to Section 223 of the Penal Code. She however pleaded not guilty to the seven counts and was granted cash bail of Ksh100,000.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina at the Milimani Law Courts, Idris denied the seven charges of committing the said offence by allegedly sending a series of threatening messages through her mobile phone number to that of Amaro in June 2019.

"On the 14th day of June 2019 at 10:14 hours at an unknown place within the Republic of Kenya without lawful excuse caused Hussein Aila Amaro to receive a short message (SMS) through his number from the number of the said Farida Idris Mohamed to wit "Now tell me what the f*ck you will do to me and you see I will finish you and bloody Swarna combined," threatening to kill him," a charge sheet seen by Viral Tea read in part.

She was also charged with sending five other threatening messages (in total) to the complainant on June 14, 2019, and June 15, 2019, with the third count revealing that she allegedly sent an SMS threatening to finish Amaro.

Idris was also charged with a fourth count of threatening to kill Amaro and drag his body on a hot tarmac on the same date when she is alleged to have committed the three other offences.

"I will kill you with my hands and drag your body on hot tarmac until nobody can recognise that...body of yours then bury you before you proceed to hell, threatening to kill him," added the charge sheet.

Woman Dumps Lover After Husband Who Went Missing For 17 Years Returns

A middle-aged woman from Lurambi in Kakamega County was forced to send away her lover in August 2023 after her long-term husband returned 17 years later.

The woman identified as Agrippina Mulupi, a resident of Emukoyani village in Butsotso ward, reportedly lived with her lover for three years and the husband, Boniface Moi Muyeshi, according to villagers, demanded that his competitor be chased away before he could return to his wife.

Mulupi revealed that she had persevered for five years after Muyeshi disappeared in 2006 and opted to enter into a new relationship so that she could support her children.

She added that her new partner was supportive to the point of helping her buy food and pay fees for her children. Together, they had sired a child whom she stated that the now-former lover is committed to supporting.

"I had forgot and told myself that he had left. I stayed for five years and said I had tolerated enough. I found someone who was not from Kenya but from Rwanda," Mulupi told the media.

"He was helpful in my life and used to take my children to school and pay school fees and even when my child was in college he never lacked anything, the lover was the one who was sending him money. He was also budgeting well for the house."

Mulupi added that the return of her husband came as a shock to her but she had to accept the new reality.

She further noted that she had instructed her lover to leave out of respect for her husband as he was staying in their matrimonial home.

Junior Govt Employee Whose Ksh21M Frozen By EACC Was Girlfriend's Dowry

A junior employee attached to Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) on Thursday, August 17, 2023, claimed that the Ksh21 million frozen by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) was meant for his fiancée's dowry.

Daniel Munywoki Wambua had petitioned the court to unfreeze the funds so that he could secure them for payment of dowry to marry his future wife.

Through his lawyer, Danstan Omari, Wambua claimed that EACC had incorrectly flagged his account which was set up specifically for dowry payments and to which his family and friends had contributed.

He added that he was compelled by tradition to fulfil his dowry payment promise and has yet to do so despite the celebration because of the respondent's false claim that the dowry payment account is a proceed of crime.

Wambua added that there were no reasonable grounds to place a red flag on his assets, adding that he could defend how he acquired them legally.

“The amount in the Daniel Wambua Dowry Payment Account was specifically for the purpose of collecting funds from friends and well-wishes for the purposes of Dowry payment for my intended marriage to my wife of choice,” court papers read.

Wambua also argued that he is well-known in his community, hence being trusted with the huge amount of money as a contribution towards the payment of his dowry. Furthermore, he also belongs to a WhatsApp group with contribution lists showing how much each person contributed to the wedding.

According to Wambua, the court's orders forced him to stop the dowry ceremony without any justification, which embarrassed him in front of his future in-laws.

Woman Using NTSA Website To Stalk Man She Liked

In September 2023, Waithera Kihara, a commercial and corporate lawyer and advocate of the High Court of Kenya, became an internet sensation on X (formerly Twitter) following her narrative of using the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) website to spy on a 'gorgeous' man she bumped into.

She spoke highly of the said man whom she happened to stumble upon on a Wednesday evening some few months ago when he parked right next to her and entered a pharmacy in a huff.

Admitting that she was under the influence following her adventures in Tigoni, Limuru, Kiambu County, Kihara beautifully described the man as a well-off individual with fine taste in luxury depicted by the kind of car she indicated he was driving.

People waiting for services at NTSA offices. /FILE

"5'9 at best, medium build, not dark not light, bald, frameless spectacles (the ones newly monied men get from abroad to make a statement), sexy man," her flowery tweets read.

Though rubbishing the assumption that he was a lawyer owing to his corporate outfit of the day, Kihara added that she memorised his number plate as he drove off, committing not to look him up unless she couldn't stop thinking about him, until...

"Two days later this fool was still on my mind for some reason and I could somehow still remember his number plate so I did this lil invasive but allowable thing okay? I NTSA'd (searched on the NTSA website) the number plate and got a name.

"Remember that clean corporate look? yeah he had to have a LinkedIn account so I keyed in his name on LinkedIn (fingers crossed) and there he was!" she exclaimed.

Given that she had not used her LinkedIn account for a while, she requested to connect with him and stayed off the app out of anxiety that she did the one thing that was prevalent in her recent past.

Kihara would then message the man on LinkedIn and after he didn't respond, she realized that she had not included her phone number which she promptly did, afterwhich he messaged her on WhatsApp.

Deceased Teacher Directs Ex-Girlfriend Who Rejected Him To Read His Eulogy On Valentines

A young teacher from Embu County on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, committed suicide after he was rejected by his former girlfriend, shortly after he extended an invitation to friends for a gathering on Valentine's Day.

The teacher from Nthangariri village in Mbeere North, Embu county was discovered dead in his home following a distressing post on Facebook a day before his untimely demise.

It read "Evening Members when you are stressed you just need one friend to share with, meanwhile, I invite you to my function on 14/2/2024 welcome all", the context of the invite immediately sent worry regarding what went on behind the scenes.

Mbeere North sub-county Police Commander Eric Yego revealed that concerns emerged after the teacher had barricaded himself in his house and ceased responding to calls from loved ones.

Nthawa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Sammy Tito sought intervention from the Siakago Police Station about the situation. When law enforcement arrived at the deceased teacher's residence, the discovery bewildered the officers.

The teacher's lifeless body was found with no apparent physical injuries aside from blood and a white substance emanating from his nose.

Investigators recovered two sachets suspected to be insecticide from the scene as well as a suicide note with detailed instructions.

The note believed to be penned by the teacher shed light on the circumstances leading to his tragic demise. The circumstances included heartbreak over a failed marriage proposal.

"Just decided to rest in peace. I have tried all means but it has been in vain,” the suicide note began in part. 

According to the teacher, the woman he selected to read his eulogy had declined his advances, as he lamented in the note that "I promised to love you till my last breath."

In his final instructions, the teacher directed that he wanted to be laid to rest on Valentine's Day, February 14 with the Embu County Assembly Speaker Josiah Thiriku and Nthawa MCA overseeing funeral arrangements.

He left behind the contacts of the woman who turned him down, remarking that she should be the one to read his eulogy. 

Counsellors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issue. Call the Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199, for support.

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