Eve Mungai And I Broke Up In 2023- Director Trevor Confirms

Trevor revealed that the couple had called it quits in February 2023.

Eve Mungai And I Broke Up In 2023- Director Trevor Confirms
Eve Mungai and her former boyfriend, Director Trevor. /FILE

Director Trevor has confirmed that he and YouTuber Eve Mungai have romantically parted ways.

The producer known for his stellar works in digital video production, made the revelation while officially launching Kenya Online Media, a digital platform rebranded from Mungai's YouTube channel, hours after he stripped her of its access.

Speaking to his newly recruited reporter, Captain Nyota, Trevor revealed that the couple had called it quits in February 2023.

Screengrabs of Director Trevor announcing the end of the working relationship with Eve Mungai on February 19, 2024. /INSTAGRAM.DIRECTOR TREVOR

However, they decided to keep working together to protect their brand, hence keeping their romantic split a secret even before rumours surfaced that their relationship was going through trouble.

"We worked together last year while we were not okay romantically until February this year when we decided to officially part ways," Trevor disclosed.

Notably, when he announced that he cut professional ties with Mungai through his Instagram stories, he shared a cryptic message reading "Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago," seemingly directed at his former partner who up to now is yet to give her side of the story.

When asked if he would continue working with Mungai in the Q&A on the social media platform, Trevor made it clear that her involvement in their joint platforms was terminated.

"No! Her services are no longer needed in the following platforms: YouTube - 754K subscribers, Insta Fame - 104K subscribers, Facebook - 874K followers," he responded.

The announcement on Monday, February 19 saw Mungai stopped from earning a monthly salary of Ksh800,000 in YouTube earnings through advertisements instream as well as Facebook, something he previously termed a non-issue even if she would have been earning more than he did when they co-managed their vibrant platform. 

"We believe in equal opportunities and value each other's contributions to our family and the company. Our focus is together on working as a team, supporting and empowering each other to achieve our goals.

"We believe that financial success should not be limited by gender, and we embrace the equal earning potential that exists in our relationship," he stated during a previous Q&A.

He added that the couple tried to specialise in exclusive interviews that have a higher Cost Per Mille (CPM) and generate more revenue by providing unique content, attracting a larger audience, appealing to premium advertisers, improving audience targeting, and creating sponsorship opportunities.

YouTube cost per mille (CPM) refers to the price advertisers pay content creators for every 1,000 views an ad receives on the YouTube platform.

As fans await Mungai's response, she is set to be under pressure to announce her next course of action given that Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Robert Alai urged Mungai to sue her now-former boyfriend for unlawful termination.

Side-by-side image of Eve Mungai and Director Trevor. /EVE MUNGAI.DIRECTOR TREVOR