Gen Z Woman Wows Kenyans With Intelligent Views On Politics, Finance [VIDEO]

The woman, identified as Waruru, was speaking to Segera during an event at the Ngong Racecourse when she was challenged to introduce herself and open up about what she likes.

Gen Z Woman Wows Kenyans With Intelligent Views On Politics, Finance [VIDEO]
A woman identified as Waruru speaking to content creator Joe Segera at Ngong Racecourse. /JOE SEGERA

A Kenyan woman on Wednesday, April 10 went viral across social media platforms with her interview with famous TikToker Joe Segera with impressive wordplay that would leave even the gurus of English literature confused.

The woman, identified as Maruru, was speaking to Segera during an event at the Ngong Racecourse when she was challenged to introduce herself and open up about what she likes.

Instead of the typical "hi, my name is...and I like ABCD," Maruru opted for a mix of intelligence and wild creativity coupled with the kind of confidence you would expect from an individual who is part and parcel of the Generation Z era.

Her wordplay showcased her passion for philosophy, the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.

Here is the video:

"My name is Maruru and I'm having a human experience in this vessel but I'm not human.

"I'm a vessel, I'm an instrument of nature man. I'm into philosophy and esoteric knowledge, pre-history and history like I just love humanity," she opened up.

When asked about her views on politics in general, Maruru replied "If you're kind of politically engaged it means you have a heart, you're not a jellyfish," seemingly insinuating that those who follow politics ardently care about change on a national, county and local level, a task in which the government of the day must strive to achieve.

The conversation, captured in a one-minute clip, then shifted to personal finance, to which when asked, Maruru expressed her beliefs in teamwork to come up with wealth, underlining the importance of a good team with good chemistry and game-changing inventions to build a successful business.

Segera challenged her to give her thoughts on what the 'cool people' are up to these days, to which she responded "Astral projection."

Maruru concluded with her message to her peers, urging them to normalise loving themselves and realise the importance of taking care of themselves as they have a 'beautiful vessel' on the inside and outside.

What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection, according to, is a supernatural phenomenon in which a person’s astral body is said to separate from the physical body and travel to or in a different plane of existence.

The interview sparked mixed reactions on social media, with most Kenyans taking note of Waruru's intellectual brilliance that would shame even the top legal minds known for some of the English language's heaviest words.

"My hot take Is millennials and Gen Z who turned away from religion are turning to 80s esotericism and mysticism to find meaning in an increasingly uncertain world," wrote Irving Amukasa on X, where the video was shared and which went viral

"She is smart a small % (percentage) of our population understands what she said.

"I won't be surprised if she is into zodiac signs and 'healing' crystals," other comments read.

If anything, this would be an indication of how the older generations in the country will have to adapt to the emerging vocabularies that comprise Gen Z, a generation viewed by many as one seeking to defy social norms in the pursuit of better individuality.

Born between the years of 1997 and 2012, Gen Zs have shaken up the corporate world by introducing their chronically online colloquialisms in the workplace, prompting the uninitiated to surf the web for a definition.

In the US, Google searches for “Gen Z slang” in October 2023 went up by 123 per cent and curiosity about “Gen Z words” increased by 86 per cent, according to data from communication and growth firm Movchan Agency.

“It’s truly amazing how our generation has developed its unique vernacular, incorporating phrases and emojis that have become widely recognized slang around the globe,” the agency’s PR manager, Emily Goldstein, said in a statement.

Some of the popular Gen Z terms that have emerged include slay, it's giving, serve, rizz, delulu, sus, slap, it's sending me among others.

A group of Gen Zs looking at a phone. /EMERGING LEADERS FOUNDATION