Karen Nyamu: Kasarani Police Covering Up Jeff Mwathi's Murder

She called upon DP Gachagua to assist in conducting an audit of the police station...

Karen Nyamu: Kasarani Police Covering Up Jeff Mwathi's Murder
Collage of Karen Nyamu and the late Jeff Mwathi. /VIRALTEAKE

Nominated Senator, Karen Nyamu, has alleged that police officers from the Kasarani Police Station were involved in the cover-up of the murder of 23-year-old interior designer, Geoffrey (Jeff) Mwathi.

Speaking at Kianyaga High School in Kirinyaga County, during Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's homecoming on Saturday, March 18, Nyamu claimed that she had proof that the police were being used to conceal details surrounding the murder which occurred at the house of Mugithi artist Lawrence Njuguna alias DJ Fatxo at Redwood Apartments along USIU Road in Kasarani.

She called upon DP Gachagua to assist in conducting an audit of the police station, adding to the pressure by members of the public who previously expressed their reservations about how the police officers from the station handled the case in its early stages.

An image of Kasarani police station. /K24 DIGITAL

"Because I have been involved from day one at Kasarani Police Station, I can confirm that the police at Kasarani Police Station were involved in a cover-up of the murder of this young boy.

"We are requesting you, your excellency, when the culprits...those involved in the murder, once they take a plea, we want you to provide us with assistance at Kasarani Police Station. We want investigations and streamlining to take place there because that community has no police station," she stated.

She further echoed the sentiments of some netizens online calling for the police post to be shut down and a market to be erected in its place in the commercial and residential neighbourhood.

"In fact, I see people writing on my Facebook page that the police station should be closed and a market to be open instead in Kasarani," she went on.

Nyamu's claims came after detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) earlier established that Mwathi was murdered, ruling out claims of him throwing himself from the 10th floor of DJ Fatxo's residence.

Furthermore, the sleuths noted that after the scene reconstruction and forensic analysis, there were clear signs of a struggle inside the house of DJ Fatxo, who is a key suspect in the murder case.

DCI detectives who took over the case from Kasarani police further believed that there was a possibility that a fight had ensued before Mwathi was dragged outside and thrown off from the rooftop or from the stairs of the 12-storey building apartment.

They, while ruling out suicide, further believed that Mwathi was killed before being thrown off the apartment as a cover-up to make it look like he took his own life.

Initially, it was believed that Mwathi jumped from the window of the bedroom but detectives ruled that out as it was impossible for him to fit through, given that the window had tight grills.

The DCI concluded the first process of the investigations which included interviewing the first cluster of witnesses in the case, forensic examination of the scene and retrieval of CCTV footage that captured the deceased's last moments. 

"We are now progressing to the second phase of the investigations where several persons of interest in the case will be interrogated and appropriate recommendations made before being forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions for action," stated the DCI on Friday, March 17.

Among those persons of interest will include all the five persons who were at DJ Fatxo’s house on the morning of February 22, 2023, when the incident happened, as well as the police officers who handled the case first.

DJ Fatxo denied involvement in Mwathi's death, claiming that he was the one who went and reported to the police that Mwathi was missing. 

DJ Fatxo playing an accordion. /FACEBOOK.DJ FATXO