Kenyan App That Earns You Money, Gives News Before Unlocking Your Phone

Did you know there is an app that makes getting your updates easy for you?

Kenyan App That Earns You Money, Gives News Before Unlocking Your Phone
Youth smiling while using their phones. /TECHWEEZ

Imagine this, you wake up every morning and the first thing that you do even before you stretch is checking your phone for those updates you might have missed while you were asleep.

You unlock your phone and log into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to check what has been happening in the world of gossip, politics, current affairs, and sports, even searching numerous websites and applications. However, did you know there is an app that makes getting your updates easy for you?

Introducing the Teleeza App, a revolutionary free-to-use first-of-its-kind mobile content aggregation and advertising platform that utilises the phone’s first screen, the Lockscreen.

It is a mass market aggregation platform available to over 500 million smartphone users in Africa and 150 million in East Africa. Teleeza was initially launched on Android via the Google Play Store and later rolled out for Apple iOS.

A collage of the Teleeza Consumer and Merchant Apps. /TELEEZA APP

"We are building the largest digital community in Africa and beyond on the 1st  All-In-One Lockscreen App powered by Aggregated Curated Content, Partnerships, MY WALLETS and Advertising," Teleeza explains in its press release seen by Viral Tea.


The Teleeza All-In-One Lockscreen App was launched in November 2022 and has garnered hundreds of thousands of users in a very short period. There are over 70 local, regional and international publishers and content owners who are already on-boarded on the platform, including local publishers such as Viral Tea.

In addition, there are fintech, health tech, agritech and edtech partners already on-boarded including many other services including entertainment, blogs podcasts etc on the revolutionary Teleeza World, another part of the all-in-one application.

The Merchant app was launched in March 2023 and has equally gained a lot of interest and traction within a very short period.

What is the Lock Screen

Teleeza has offered a revolutionary feature that aims to change the way Kenyans access news on a daily basis, a tailored news feed that appears before you unlock your phone.

For the first time in Africa, it will be possible for the over 500 million smartphone users to have an app that caters for almost all their daily needs by unlocking their phones normally.

The Lockscreen is the smartphone’s first screen meaning that you can access services including aggregated curated news as well as other Teleeza features such as mobile wallets, online doctor consultation, micro-medical cover, entertainment, blogs, podcasts and much more by just unlocking your phone.

The use of the Lockscreen technology has been informed by research that indicates that an average user unlocks their phone up to 200 times daily offering an unparalleled opportunity to access various day-to-day services in a simple and convenient manner.

Why Teleeza is a game changer

Teleeza can be dubbed as the true HUSTLER app. By offering various earning opportunities through an affiliate marketing-based referral programme and Reward Ads, Teleeza users have access to unique opportunities to earn additional income.

"For instance, a user can earn up to Ksh80 from each referral tree of three people.

"The more a user refers the more money they make which is deposited directly to their mobile wallet instantly. There are Teleeza users who are already earning tens of thousands every month," Teleeza adds.

Grow your business with Teleeza Merchant App

Individuals, kiosks, small businesses as well as large businesses can be Teleeza Reward Ads Merchants. By downloading an app from the Play store that has QR Code scanning capability, it is possible for Merchants to grow their business through increased sales.

When a Teleeza user views, listens to or watches Ads on their app, they get rewarded in cash paid instantly to their mobile wallet or eVouchers. The eVouchers are then scanned by the Merchant who receives the equivalent value immediately to their mobile wallet or business till.

Teleeza has also partnered with other types of businesses such as betting and eCommerce companies where the eVouchers are redeemable on their respective websites.

Digital advertising disruption

Is it time for digital advertising to be disrupted? Current digital advertising includes placement of Ads on search engines, websites, social media sites and the use of influencers.

Is it time that the user who possesses the most essential device for digital advertising, the smartphone was recognised and rewarded for ‘renting’ out space on their devices?

With Teleeza Reward Ads, users view, listen to and watch Ads and answer a few simple questions and they are rewarded instantly in cash to their mobile wallets or redeemable eVouchers.

For the first time, the advertiser will, in real-time, be able to measure the engagement with their brands as over 80 per cent of the Ad budget is translated to direct sales through the Reward Ads platform, Teleeza Ad Manager.

"Teleeza is committing part of the funds earned from Reward Ads to build an entrepreneurship fund to support other entrepreneurs in the future," the firm adds.

Teleeza, was declared a winner in the Digital Change Maker Challenge trouncing 80 other entries globally, during the 2020 edition of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Global Innovation Forum between October 26-30, 2020, focusing on mainstreaming competitive digital innovation ecosystems in the age of COVID-19. 

How to download the Teleeza apps

For the consumer app, click on this link:

For the Merchant App, download Teleeza Merchant App from Google Playstore.