Meet Joyce Maina's New Boyfriend [PHOTOS]

He praised her as being the pillar in his life and a woman of character, promising that she will remain by her side.

Meet Joyce Maina's New Boyfriend [PHOTOS]
Media personality and actress, Joyce Maina. /INSTAGRAM

Switch Media presenter, media personality and actress Joyce Maina is in a new relationship, more than a year after she parted ways with her former colleague, Tony Kwalanda.

On Saturday, September 10, the new man, who goes by the Instagram moniker, Ndume Kenya, penned a special birthday message to the ChatSpot show host, almost a day after she thanked him for celebrating her on her special day.

“Happy birthday my pretty gangster. Blessings and favour are your portions, all the days of your life” he wrote, to which she responded by saying “Thank you, baby”.

Ndume captioned a photo of him reaching out to her for a kiss on the cheek, among others that captured the couple in a Public Display of Affection (PDA). He praised her as being the pillar in his life and a woman of character, promising that she will remain by her side.

Joyce Maina and her new boyfriend, Tony Kwalanda. /INSTAGRAM.NDUME KENYA

“This angel was born today, outstay woman you are, always pushing Mr T the limits, always believing in my path, May God bless you for becoming a pillar in my life, Asante sana msupuu (thank you very much, beautiful).

"You are a woman of character. My best friend. I’ll always be by your side, as you’re mine. Happy birthday my pretty gangster, more life, more blessings Mi Amor (my love),” he wrote.

“Thank you so much, my love. I am so grateful I get to celebrate today with you by my side," she responded in the comments.

Ndume featured in a soundtrack to the movie Kamtupe alongside King Kaka, Mbithi and Kanambo Dede. The local film, in which King Kaka features in, tells the story of a government official trying to locate his relative in the wrong neighbourhood.

He ends up being attacked by thugs who make away with his laptop that has confidential information - if leaked the whole country is in shambles.

Maina also features in the film alongside Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange, who voices the film, as well as Jimmi Gathu, Stanley Obienji, Kelvin Musili, Femi One and many more.

Maina and Kwalanda broke up in March of 2021 after dating for nearly six months. This is after a fan on Instagram wanted to know if she was single or in a relationship.

“Are you single”, the fan posed and the actress quickly responded with a bold ‘Yes’.

In December 2021, Kwalanda opened up about their break up admitting that his upbringing and being alone frequently, hugely contributed to their split.

A past photo of Joyce Maina and Tony Kwalanda. /SWITCH MEDIA

“I also blame my upbringing, I sometimes give up very fast. I was so serious about this relationship but something triggered me and I said let me resort to my single way,” he said.

Kwalanda ran for the Member of the County Assembly (MCA) for Manda Shivanga Ward in the August 9 general elections.