Michelle Ntalami Fires At Sonko Who Claimed She Dated Edwin Chiloba

The former county boss alleged that Ntalami's relationship with the late activist was serious...

Michelle Ntalami Fires At Sonko Who Claimed She Dated Edwin Chiloba
Collage of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami. /VIRALTEAKE

Marini Naturals Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Michelle Ntalami told off former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who sensationally claimed that she had romantic relations with slain model and LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba.

Sonko on Thursday, January 12 expressed belief that the beauty entrepreneur's emotional tribute to Chiloba on Monday, January 9 was an indication that they had an affair before he was killed and his body found stuffed in a metallic box along the Kipenyo-Katinga Road in Uasin Gishu County.

The former county boss alleged that Ntalami's relationship with the late activist was serious, while reposting a photo of Chiloba pecking her right cheek.

“So the late Edwin Chiloba had an affair with Michelle Ntalami and they had a relationship so hot that yesterday Michelle had to pen down a beautiful tribute to the late Edwin Chiloba recalling the first time they met and the beautiful moments they shared. Rest in Peace Edwin,” Sonko wrote on his social media accounts.

A collage of slain model Edwin Chiloba and Michelle Ntalami. /INSTAGRAM.MICHELLE NTALAMI

An hour later, Ntalami accused Sonko of spreading falsehoods about her relationship with Chiloba, affirming that she was just his friend. She further noted that a woman with a feminine character such as hers would be among the women the late Chiloba would be the least attracted to.

"With all due respect Sonko, please write/speak only the things you are certain of. The late Edwin Chiloba and I were friends.

"If you understood the dynamics, you would know a feminine woman like me would be the last person he’d be attracted to," she wrote.

She urged Sonko to keep off the sensitive matter, expressing confidence in the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in cracking the murder case.

"This is a sensitive matter. Stop propagating lies, let the DCI do their job, and let’s let Edwin rest. I’ve always held you in high regard, I believe you are above this. Asante (Thank you)," she concluded.

Ntalami's poignant tribute to Chiloba also included details of their discussion regarding his relationship with Jackton Odhiambo, the prime suspect in his murder.

While expressing her sadness about how the world got to know about him in a tragic way, she noted that Chiloba's relationship had issues, and she tried talking him out of it, which turned out unsuccessful.

"Edwin, you had big dreams that you shared with me. Dreams of being a global fashion icon and making it to the runways of Milan and New York. We were getting you there. It’s heartbreaking to see that yes, you have now finally been recognized globally, but in such a tragic way.

"Painful, that he who claimed to love you broke your heart over and over, and eventually took your life. We talked about it so many times. That was NOT love. But that pure heart of yours would not let go. Oh darling," she wrote.

She added that the two met each other on Valentine's Day when Chiloba came all the way from Eldoret to the capital to see her, after taking notice of Ntalami's personal story with the world, so much that it moved him.

An autopsy report on Wednesday, January 11 by government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor revealed that Chiloba was choked with a pair of jeans and socks in his nose and mouth. He was stuffed with the two items of clothing to the point he could not breathe, thus leading to his death.

Oduor further ruled out rumours that his eyes were gouged out, noting that the autopsy did not reveal injuries in his body, despite revealing that the body was decomposed.

Among the four suspects arrested in connection to the murder included a popular TikToker using the online moniker Junior Litali, whose real name is Dennis Litali, who defended himself by arguing that he does not know any of the people implicated in the murder and that his arrest was a cover-up by police.
Slain LGBTQ rights activist Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo well known as Edwin Chiloba. /FILE