Eve Mungai To Start Solo YouTube Channel- Director Trevor Reporter Claims

This comes amidst a debate that ensued following Trevor's decision to cut ties with Mungai completely

Eve Mungai To Start Solo YouTube Channel- Director Trevor Reporter Claims
Eve Mungai posing for a photo. /EVE MUNGAI

Popular content creator and influencer, Eve Mungai, is hinting at starting her solo YouTube channel, merely three days after she parted ways with Director Trevor, both professionally and personally.

This is according to Rael Wangare, a reporter who took over from Mungai as the new digital content creator on Director Trevor’s YouTube channel, which underwent rebranding to Kenya Online Media.

Wangare, who was previously Mungai's prodigy, indicated on Wednesday, February 21 that Mungai, other than starting her own YouTube channel, would explore other options such as being a brand ambassador and independent investigative journalist, among others.

However, she underscored that Kenya Online Media was fully supporting her in the next phase of her career, contrary to claims that there would be rivalry simmering between the two.

Eve Mungai and her former boyfriend, Director Trevor. /FILE

“What next for Mungai Eve? Will she go back to her YouTube channel? Will she go back to being a brand ambassador? Will she go back to interviewing people or will she do them all?

“Let us all not lose focus here, at the end of the day, we will all emerge victorious and we as the Kenya Online Media join forces with you netizens in wishing Mungai Eve a victorious journey in her next endeavours. She has hinted that she will be venturing into a solo YouTube journey," Wangare reported.

Wangare, who also previously worked at BNN, under controversial blogger Edgar Obare, defended Mungai stating that she made her who she is now, career-wise.

“Do not be of the idea that I have anything or we as Kenya Online Media have anything against Mungai Eve. 

“We definitely wish her all the best. We are because she is, and I am because she is. It is all about the spirit of Ubuntu,” she added.

This comes amidst a debate that ensued following Trevor's decision to cut ties with Mungai completely, with some arguing that the producer known for his stellar works in digital video production would stand to lose the most given that Mungai had amassed the numbers and popularity when she co-owned the YouTube channel as well as social media audiences in Facebook and Instagram.

However, others believed that Trevor would improve on his craft owing to being the main reason behind Mungai's success. Trevor was also her director and photographer, who inspired her to start her channel.

Through her hard work, Mungai covered a lot of untold stories on her previous YouTube channel, most of them entertainment. The independent investigative journalism student, YouTuber, artist, and businesswoman had dropped out of journalism school and met Trevor during the 2020 lockdown.

She started her YouTube channel, going viral through her coverage of the Machakos Gengetone Festival in October of that year and Madocho and Gotta City, both becoming trends for an entire month.

Her channel won people’s hearts when she helped Madocho, Liyetin, and Stupid Boy come up, covering every news till they got recognized. At one point they got a sponsor (Vagah of Afro Royalties) to sponsor their music, in what many consider a significant turning point in her career.

Mungai also has business interests outside her YouTube career as she is also the founder of Flossy Luxury Apartments which is registered to offer Airbnb services, mostly in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Spot checks by Viral Tea on her Instagram account indicated that Mungai ventured into brand marketing, an area she had been exploring alongside her content creation endeavours.

Brand marketing is promoting a brand’s products or services in a way that elevates the brand as a whole. It involves creating and maintaining brand-consumer relationships and marketing brand attributes, the traits that people think of when they picture a particular brand.

Eve Mungai posing for a photo. /EVE MUNGAI