Khaligraph Jones Loses Court Case Against Cashy Karimi

Cashy claimed that she emerged victorious in the case that saw them drag each other online over custody of their four-year-old son, Xolani.

Khaligraph Jones Loses Court Case Against Cashy Karimi
A collage of Cashy Karimi and Khaligraph Jones looking at his phone. /INSTAGRAM.KHALIGRAPH JONES

Rapper Karimi Muriungi, alias Cashy, reported on Friday, November 18 that she has won a child support case against her baby daddy, celebrated rapper, Brian Ouko Omollo, popularly known by his stage name Khaligraph Jones.

Taking to Instagram, Cashy claimed that she emerged victorious in the case that saw them drag each other online over custody of their four-year-old son, Xolani.

Khaligraph's management had opted to file a lawsuit against her at the Milimani Law Courts in February 2022 after numerous social media posts against the Mbona hitmaker labelling him a deadbeat father threatened to tarnish his reputation.

Rapper Cashy Karimi, who is Khaligraph Jones' baby mama. /FILE

“The Weapons that formed against us did not prosper. The whole year they tried to take my baby away from me but God delivered justice for Xolani when it seemed impossible.

"They tried to deny his presence and rights, but God is faithful. They dismissed, discouraged, threatened, insulted, and labelled me, did the most to humiliate and intimidate me who is God?” she wrote.

Cashy further alleged that the court battle and online clashes with Papa Jones ruined her professional relationships in her capacity as a musician as well as her personal relationships and almost endangered her mental health.

“It cost me work opportunities, music, friendships and relationships, time, weight, and nearly my sanity because I believed from the start my boy deserves love and care.

"God has proven him worth it and humbled the big men in court. A true testimony. God is faithful,” she added.

She thanked her friends and family for supporting her throughout the ordeal noting that the time and journey have taught her patience and forgiveness for herself and others.

She also appreciated naysayers who increased her faith as well as blogs and writers who gave adequate coverage of the matter which played a big role in her victory thanks to Xolani's legal representatives.

The celebrity ex-lovers broke up and went their separate ways before Xolani's birth, sometime in September 2018. Cashy had claimed that Khaligraph has at least six other children with different women, including those of his current wife, and he supports them fully but does not want to take responsibility for Xolani, his 7th child.

She also claimed that she was threatened with all forms of action as evidenced in a video clip which she had captioned to reveal that Khaligraph had hired lawyers to issue constant threats to report her to the police station.

"As we wait for the next date, is it fair for the child to be out of school? This is painful and traumatizing for the child and the mother considering the aggressive parties benefit from her 'silence'," a post on Cashy's Insta Stories read in part.

Prior to the response, Cashy complained that the rapper had asked her son, Xolani, to travel to Nairobi to attend a better school, only to go silent on his arrival. In addition, she accused Khaligraph of leaving her and her son stranded for two months with no interest in the access requested.

Khaligraph is yet to respond to the new developments by the time of publication. He is currently in a committed relationship with 22-year-old Georgina Muteti and they have children together.

Khaligraph Jones and Georgina Muteti. /FILE