Reports: Former NTV Host Grace Ekirapa, Pascal Tokodi Split Due To Financial Issues

Financial constraints were a factor that contributed to their marriage collapsing

Reports: Former NTV Host Grace Ekirapa, Pascal Tokodi Split Due To Financial Issues
A photo of former NTV host Grace Ekirapa and actor Pascal Tokodi. /INSTAGRAM

Renowned Kenyan actor, Pascal Tokodi and his wife, former NTV’s Crossover host Grace Ekirapa, are reported to have parted ways after they silently married in October 2020.

A report by Nairobi News on Wednesday, January 24, which Viral Tea is yet to independently verify, revealed that the couple went their separate ways in November 2023.

A source revealed that the actor and the mother of one have been living separately, with Tokodi moving back to Karen where he was living before the couple met, leaving behind Ekirapa in Limuru.

“Pascal and Grace haven’t been living together for two months now. They parted ways last November, Pascal moved back to Karen where he had been living before they met, and Grace remained in Limuru where they had been living together,” the source told the publication.

A photo of Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa. /INSTAGRAM

Furthermore, the source disclosed that financial constraints were another factor that contributed to their marriage collapsing, adding that neither of them owned a car before they tied the knot.

Reports claimed that Tokodi had taken a loan to purchase a car worth Ksh1.9 million that Ekirapa had recommended, a loan he is reported to be still servicing.

“Pascal and I are super close, and what he said to me is he preferred to buy a cheaper whip, preferably a Demio to begin life with, but Grace advised they get a much bigger machine.

"That’s how Pascal took a loan and purchased the Mazda CX-5 at Ksh1.9 million that you might have seen him cruise around with. He is still servicing the car loan,” the source added.

The strain of the couple maintaining their lavish lifestyle was reported to have forced the couple to run on limited resources as Tokodi was the breadwinner and Ekirapa the stay-at-home mom and content creator.

The couple was seen on YouTube severally renovating their house which became a bit hectic for Tokodi to handle. At first, they lived in Kitengela and renovated their house to meet their standards but later moved to Limuru as a response to Ekirapa wanting to be close to her sisters.

"Tokodi is the one footing all these bills because Grace is technically jobless. Throughout their marriage, the pressure has always been for Pascal to maintain their expensive lifestyle," the source continued.

Tokodi was yet to respond to calls or texts on the matter when reached out to Viral Tea at the time of publishing this story, though he did tell Nairobi News that “We are actually doing okay. But thanks for asking.”

Regarding Ekirapa's side of the story, she revealed that the split was not a matter she would want to discuss with an outside party.

Spot checks by Viral Tea on Tokodi's Instagram account indicated that the actor has been mainly showcasing his theatrical works. However, Ekirapa's account had a few posts of her and Tokodi. Both are still following each other on the platform.

How Did Pascal Tokodi, Grace Ekirapa Meet?

In a previous interview, Tokodi revealed that he married the media personality months after meeting her at a Java restaurant.

"I felt hungry so I entered Java to grab something to eat and that is when I saw Grace," he revealed.

"We looked at each other and I jokingly proposed on that day. She is a good lady and has no scandals. I had known Grace for months before we got married."

The two tied the knot quietly in October 2020 in an exclusive invite-only ceremony.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa during a past event. /FACEBOOK